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Personalized music lessons online

We're a real music school, not an internet matchmaker. With Sage Music® Online, you'll get custom private lessons with our trained teachers in our Arpeggio® lesson system. Plus you'll get the added benefit of modern technology, a student dashboard, recorded lessons, and a strong online community.

Why are we called Sage?

A smarter way to learn

sage : \ ˈsāj \ wise through reflection and experience


Our teachers are highly trained in the best methods for learning and teaching music. You or your child will get the best instruction anywhere. So skip the amatuers, and learn with the pros who can properly guide you toward your goals.


Our Arpeggio® lesson system – backed by learning science – will help you learn quickly and easily with direction in a structured and step-by-step way. Plus we’ll teach you what to do, how to learn it, and why you’re doing it.


We know you’ll get the best results because our students see steady progress. So we’d never need to lock you into a contract. Yet students stay with us 3x longer than other schools. Get in touch to see why now.

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The details matter

We’re not your ordinary music school

As a smart, conscious learner who is looking for the best, you’ll want to pay close attention to the details that make our program different from other schools.

And we know you’ll appreciate the Sage Music® difference.

It's easy to get started

How music lessons work

Get in touch with through our contact form or at (833) 537-0680 to get started.


From your first phone call to your ongoing lessons, we’ll get to know you. We believe in building strong relationships so we can customize everything we do to your wants, needs, and goals.


Our professional teachers, using our proven, science-backed Arpeggio® lesson system, will help you learn the music you want. Lessons are clear, step-by-step, and structured so you will you steadily progress toward your goals.


Show off your newly developed music skills by performing in our recitals, weekly open mics, or in our music match program. Perform with others, or simply enjoy your own playing.

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Music Lessons Online

Sage Music offers music lessons for students of all ages and abilities in person and online.

Who are music lessons for?

Sage Music School offers music lessons to any adult or child who wants to learn music well. That is, they want to be the best musicians and people they can be.

We enable students to achieve their best, maximize their learning, and reach goals that they didn’t think possible.

In fact, in a recent survey, 95% of Sage Music students would strongly recommend Sage Music to friends and family. And nearly 90% strongly agree that Sage Music lessons are more valuable than any other music lessons they have taken.

That’s why music students stay at Sage Music 3x longer than other music schools.

Why Should I Learn Music With Sage Music?

We believe in helping students become the best musicians and people that they can be.

Our students and staff are incredibly diverse. They come from 46 US States, and 16 countries. They are of all ages and abilities. But what they all have in common is a desire to do music and to do it well. And they want to have a lot of fun while doing it.

And that's what we do best: help people achieve their personal and musical best through their music lessons.

The point is, no matter your background, if you want to do music well, we’ve got you covered.

Learn about all the things that make Sage Music different.

What you’ll get at Sage Music that no other music school offers

Here are just a few of the things that make us a different sort of music school. Learn more about what makes us different.

The Sage® Student

Our flagship course will teach you everything you need to know to learn and master any music. When you graduate, you’ll know more about learning music than teachers at other schools do.

The ARPEGGIO® lesson system

Quickly and easily learn the music you want in our top-rated music lesson system. Classes are structured, step by step, and designed to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Sage® trained teachers

There is no better teacher than the Sage Music teacher. Where other schools hire performers to teach music, we hire professional teachers. Then, we put them through our rigorous music teacher training, so you’ll get the most qualified teachers around.

Music Match

Looking to meet new people to share your passion for music? Just let us know and we’ll connect you with other students just like you so you can practice or make music together.


We want a relationship with you, not a transaction. We promise to treat you like the unique person that you are.


We’ve got an incredible community of great people like you, in person and online. Join our online groups, concerts, recitals, open-mics and more.

Student Onboarding

Before starting your music lessons, you’ll meet with a senior member of our team to determine your goals, set your preferences, discuss your learning style, and assess your skills and experience and build a plan for your lessons.

Student Dashboard

A dedicated private online platform that allows you to attend lessons, set your music goals, review lesson notes, practice your homework, and manage your student account.

Lesson Recordings

Your lessons are recorded so you can go always back to review, track your progress, or refresh your memory.

Sage Music Meet

For online students, your lessons will be in our own video platform. Parents will also feel secure knowing they can join the online lesson at anytime and that lessons are always recorded.

What are the Benefits of Online Music Lessons?

Some people think that online learning is not as good as in person, but the truth is, it might be better. There are many benefits to learning music online, that you don’t get otherwise.

Here are just a few of them:

Young woman taking violin lessons online

More lesson time

During an in person lesson, you wait until your lesson time to enter the room. Then you have to unpack your instrument, tune, set up your music, get settled in, and then start. Plus you have to save some time at the end to pack up, too. With an online lesson, you can get set up and warm up before your lesson starts. And you can pack up after the lesson ends. This way, you actually get more instructional time. You won't lose lesson time for things like packing up.

Reduce stress

Music helps relieve stress. And by taking your lesson online, you remove the stress of having to pack up early and drive across town and worry about traffic, or being late. With an online lesson, you just take it from the convenience of your home or office.

Recorded lessons

At Sage Music, our online lessons are recorded and stored in your account, so you can go back and use them as a reference to help you learn better over time. Forgot what your teacher said? Forgot what something was supposed to sound like? It’s easy, go back and listen.

Better learning

We’re experts in learning theory. One way to improve learning is by having the student solve their own problems. Often, during in person lessons, it’s easy for the teacher to go and move a student’s hands to get them in the right position. And while that feels “easier”, it's not good for long term learning. What’s better for long term retention is that the student first understands what they are going to do, and then does it for him or herself. With online lessons, the student has to learn to place hands correctly on their own, resulting in better long term learning. It takes a little more effort, but the results are much better.

Meet Our Instructors

Sage Music Faculty

We already mentioned that we are passionate about helping students achieve their personal and musical best.

But it doesn’t stop there. We want the same for our faculty, too. That’s why we fully invest in them through our rigorous teacher training program, and continue to support them through our ongoing professional development.

The music education industry today relies on independent contractors. This means that most music instructors are really just self employed. The music schools they work for just match students to teachers. Legally, they cannot supervise a contractor’s work.

We take a different approach.

We believe that there is a better way. We hire our music teachers as employees, not as contactors, and provide them with training, resources, supervision, and support. We invest in them so that they can in turn invest in you or your child.

At Sage Music, you'll get the full support of our school, our progressive teaching methods, educational strategies, and excellect customer service - things you just cannot get with the traditional model.

Collectively, our teachers have given hundreds of world premieres, conducted or performed on the world’s largest stages, and are regular performers around the areas in which they live. But most importantly, through our teacher training, they are the most skilled and knowledgeable teachers around.

That’s why our students have included broadway performers, Saturday Night Live cast members, and even Emmy Award winners. They come to us for our ability to help them learn better, learn faster, and be more confident in their skills.

And that’s exactly what we'll do for you. Our teachers will help you maximize your practice, so you get the most results in the least time.

When you take music lessons with Sage Music online, you’ll not get just an individual teacher. You’ll get a well trained, skilled, professional teacher who is supported by all the resources our school has to offer.

We aren't an internet matchmaker. We're a real school, and are serious about helping you achieve your best.

Testimonials and Reviews

Franziska A.

Oct. 14, 2023

5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for making me love music again

I’ve been taking online singing classes with Paul for over a year now. I look forward to my lesson every week and actually enjoy practicing in between classes.

As a child I’ve always hated music lessons but I'm convinced that I would have loved them at Sage Music. I cannot recommend them enough!!! Thank you for making me love music again.

- Google Reviews

Dañia M.

Aug. 14, 2023

5 out of 5 stars

What else can we ask for?

My son was learning the flute at school in band, and we wanted to encourage him to keep playing while he was out during summer break, so we signed him up for Sage Music online classes. He had enjoyed all those lessons and learned how to play John Williams - Star Wars: Duel of the Fates and more.

Later, he decided to pursue learning the piano since he gets to play the flute during band. All the teachers collaborated with him on how to practice and he learned one of our FAVORITE songs, Hans Zimmer - Interstellar: Main Theme on the piano.

All teachers made sure to explore what my son wanted to learn and customize the lessons based from that. They encouraged him to learn more and explore as well on how to practice between lessons. He liked all of them!

- Great Teachers
- Professional Administrators
- Worked with our schedules
- Keeps the Parents involved when needed
- Willing to answer questions and provide suggestions for supplies and sheet music

What else can we ask for?

I recommend anyone who is interested in learning music to sign up at Sage Music! =o)

- Google Reviews

Todd J.

July 17, 2023

5 out of 5 stars

A great online learning experience

Sage provides a great online learning experience.

I took guitar lessons from Mario - Very professional, highly skilled, patient, and a pleasure getting to know. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their music playing.

- Google Reviews

Molly C.

June 18, 2023

5 out of 5 stars

It's been amazing!

My daughter and I have both been taking music lessons with Sage for the past ~7months (my daughter takes piano with Jacob, while I take guitar with Mario). The flexibility of scheduling has been amazing - the online dashboard is great, as is the customer service of the admin staff.

The teachers themselves are absolutely phenomenal. Mario has gone above and beyond to understand my specific musical goals and how playing guitar fits into them, even working with me to write the guitar accompaniment to a cover of a song I had conceptualized (which I'm sure hasn't been easy)!

Meanwhile, Jacob somehow has managed to help my highly distractible 8yo get nicely proficient in piano over videoconference - his patience is unbelievable!

Thank you, Sage, for helping us keep music in our lives in this really practical format!

- Google Reviews

Jen O.

June 6, 2023

5 out of 5 stars

Truly knows how to work with, inspire, and teach children

My 10 year old son has been with Sage since early in the pandemic, first taking piano lessons with Jacob and now voice with Paul and we absolutely could not be happier! They truly know how to work with, inspire, and teach children.

Initially I was hesitant about online instruction and if it would be effective, but that was put to rest after the first lesson. It's a well oiled machine and it felt as if he was sitting in the same room.

The great progress we've seen is thanks to the perfect blend of instruction, constructive criticism, patience, and time spent getting to know my son to understand how he learns best. His voice has improved tremendously and his confidence has grown with each lesson.

As a mom, I really appreciate the seamless experience and support that Sage offers. From flexible scheduling, periodic check-ins to see how it's going and to learn if there's any room for improvement, and just the general level of professionalism from everyone there. We're thrilled to be part of the Sage family.

- Google Reviews

Pricing and Packages

Online Packages

We know that your situation is unique. That's why we have three different online lesson packages to suit your individual budget and needs.

Do you want consistency? We've got a plan for you. Do you want flexibility? We've also got a plan for you. Check out all of our online packages here.


Our pricing depends upon the package that you choose, the number of lessons you want, and your own individual goals. We can give you a better sense of pricing through a personal conversation where we can get to know you, your goals, and your experience. From there, we can suggest a package that will work for your goals and within your budget. Learn more about our online music lessons pricing.

A student in his saxophone lesson

Get Started

Learn the music you want in a way that works for you. At Sage Music Online, you’ll get custom private music lessons in a community that cares about you and your success.

More than teaching you songs, we’ll give you or your child the skills to play or sing any song. Our goal is to enable and empower you.

Lessons are with our trained, professional music teachers using our proven Arpeggio® lesson system and personalized to your goals.

Are you ready to reach your musical goals?

"I heavily admire that they allow me to bring them my goals and they lead me there directly. The solid structure of the school leads me to learn excessively quick. I couldn’t really say enough."
--Jonathan Lynch, Google

Get in touch today to learn how we can help you reach your goals.

We'll email you more about Sage Music® and a member of our team will personally contact you when you send this form. We'll never share your information with anyone else.


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All music lessons are currently offered online from anywhere in the world.


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Unlike most online music lessons, we are an actual music school with locations in New York and Texas. We just so happen to have also developed the technology to to deliver high quality music lessons to you online.

We're proud to offer you quality online instruction from anywhere in the world. Our students are in 46 US States and 16 countries. Will yours be next?

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