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Sage Music Announces Easy Online Enrollment for Music Lessons
September 16, 2022

Becoming a student at our award-winning music school has never been easier! We’ve added a game-changing new feature to our website:... Read More
Do you need a vocal coach or a voice teacher?
August 16, 2022

If you are looking to improve your singing, you may see ads for a vocal coach or for singing teachers in... Read More
Acclaimed Music Education Innovator Announces San Antonio Music School Opening
August 15, 2022

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Acclaimed Music Education Innovator Announces San Antonio Music School Opening “I’m thrilled that our new facility will accommodate... Read More
The correct way to hold a violin bow.
How to hold a violin bow
July 25, 2022

As a beginner violinist, you may have some challenges with how to properly hold a violin bow.  But if you follow... Read More
What is an Outsider Musician?
June 13, 2022

Are You an Outsider with Your Music? In any art form, there’s always the fringe, the edges of what we are…

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The Reverberant History of Woodwinds
June 6, 2022

The best musical instruments act as an extension of our bodies. Examples of woodwind instruments are the flute, clarinet, and saxophone.... Read More
The Percussive History of Drums
May 23, 2022

We are born with a drum within our chests. Our hearts give us a sense of rhythm before we can even…

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Sage Music School San Antonio TX
Sage Music School Opening in San Antonio, TX
May 21, 2022

Sage Music School to Open New Location in San Antonio, TX, Summer 2022 Sage Music School has recently gone under contract... Read More
How to learn specific songs or styles of music that you love
April 11, 2022

It’s good to have goals. And I’m happy to hear that you have a good idea about the songs or styles... Read More
8 Reasons You Are NOT Growing as a Teacher at Your Music School
February 2, 2022

Music school owners around the country are mostly musicians that struck out on their own and grew their student base to…

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Disruption in Music Education: Make A Career in Music Teaching
January 25, 2022

What is the state of the music teaching industry today? You spend years studying an instrument or two. You get great…

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Which piano is better, Yamaha or Kawai?
November 22, 2021

Yamaha pianos have always been at the top of pianists’ wish lists when it comes to finding a decent piano. If…

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Sage Music School Reopening in NYC after Covid
July 7, 2021

It’s hard to believe that we were shut down for the pandemic over a year ago! At that time we had... Read More
Sage Music Welcomes Hearin Brannock and April Knack
June 9, 2021

At Sage Music, we are committed to changing the culture and quality of music education. And over the last year, we... Read More
The benefits of taking your guitar lessons online
October 12, 2020

Guitar lessons are a great way to use your free time to learn how to play the music you love on... Read More