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For an instrument that only has three valves, the trumpet produces a mighty sound. Capable of victorious fanfare, upbeat ska, and sultry, muted jazz, the trumpet is a popular staple of the marching band, the jazz quartet, and the band alike.

If you or your child has always gravitated towards its varied and high-impact sound, trumpet lessons online from Sage Music are a great way to channel that musical passion into a great foundation of skills.

Trumpet lessons online from Sage Music are a great way to get started or improve trumpet playing skills. Request more info today!

"...my music instructor has made my return to music so incredible and feel so comfortable I deeply value that [my teacher] really listens to his students."
--Neshemah I., Google

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Online trumpet lessons that really work

Too often, we’ve seen students frustrated by previous experiences with online trumpet lessons. They felt like they watched a video of a good trumpeter, but those skills and techniques weren’t effectively communicated to them.

That’s why we designed our Arpeggio® lessons system. Built from the ground up to get results for players of all ages and stages, our lesson program can be tailored to meet your needs and help break things down into easy step-by-step processes which really teach you how to master your instrument.

“The teacher that I was assigned was amazing. Honestly I would recommend to any aspiring musician to give these lessons a try. Worth every single penny.”

- Mario Egocheaga, Google Reviews
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More than just trumpet lessons online

And your experience with Sage Music doesn’t end when your online class ends, either. When you become part of the Sage Music school, you’ll be connected with a musical community of other instrumentalists, be able to access recordings with our professional teachers, partner with other musicians to play together and grow your performance skills with regular recitals and open mics to boost your confidence.

We take online trumpet lessons out of your device and into the real world, so you can engage with the content and get a top-tier, personalized experience that will help you realize your musical potential. With Sage Music, you won’t just learn the ‘what’ of trumpet playing but the ‘how’ and ‘why,’ ultimately giving you a more well-rounded musical education that you can build on into the future.

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Tap into any style or technique with online trumpet lessons

Unlike some online lessons, which take a one-size-fits-all approach, our online trumpet lessons can be designed to fit into anyone’s experience level and musical goals. Whether you want to learn how to produce a mellow tone with a muted bell, blast out brass melodies with the best of them, or just develop a good, solid underpinning of all the techniques and skills associated with trumpet, we can tailor our online trumpet lessons to deliver for you.

Couldn’t be more satisfied with the teaching style - they have really molded the one on one classes to better fit how I learn and they have been flexible with my schedule. Overall, a great experience.”

- Philip C., Google Reviews
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The road on a profound musical journey starts with the first small step. If you or someone you know is ready to step into trumpet playing and create a lifelong habit that can give you years of pleasurable playing, there’s no better time to start.

Talk to Sage Music today about how we can customize our online trumpet lessons for your needs and help you reach the high notes, no matter whether you’re a keen player already or a total beginner.

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