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With experienced teachers from Sage Music, our flute lessons online make it easy to get high-quality instruction delivered to your home.

"Sage itself is a wonderful music school. [My teacher] always wanted to make sure that I was getting the most out of my lessons and worked to cater each lesson to what best suited my needs."
--Ryan St. Martin, Google

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Dreaming of thrilling a crowd with your trills or getting flashy with some fast fingering? Whether you already love to play the flute or you’ve never picked up the instrument before, flute lessons online can help you unlock the full potential of this striking and versatile instrument.

With a team of experienced teachers, Sage Music’s online flute lessons make it easy to get high-quality instruction that will help to meet your musical goals. Whether it’s playing in a local band, on the stage solo, or just enjoying the pleasure of playing music at home, do it all with our online flute lessons.

Feeling stuck? Online flute lessons could be the answer

If you used to play flute or are already playing at an above-beginner level, it can be hard to continue progressing and feel like you’re improving your skills by yourself. With our convenient and easily accessible flute lessons online, you can get professional teachers to help you take on more complex pieces and skills or just refresh your musical knowledge and brush up on your techniques.

Kickstart a lifelong passion with guided online flute lessons

Our online flute lessons use a unique Arpeggio® lesson system to help beginners of all ages master the fundamentals of flute playing, learn the techniques you need to approach any piece of music and gain confidence in your skills as a performer. If you or your child wants to start learning flute in a supportive environment that will foster a lifelong musical habit, look no further than Sage Music’s online flute lessons.

Unlock a different way to learn and grow your skills

By using a modular, step-by-step approach, our online flute lessons help you slowly improve as a flutist, getting better as a player and gaining more confidence as you do so. Not only are our online flute lessons fun and engaging, but we also offer recorded sessions to help you consolidate your knowledge, access to a musical community you can be a part of, and regular recitals you can participate in to hone your performance skills. If you’ve tried flute lessons online in the past and found them inaccessible or hard to engage with, you’ll love the difference Sage Music’s program can make.

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No matter your age or experience, it’s always a good time to start engaging with your musical and creative side with our online flute lessons. We have convenient sessions to suit your schedule, and our personalized approach makes it easy to tailor lessons to your goals. Don’t let your musical dreams stay that way — book your first lesson with our friendly teachers today and start making those dreams a reality.

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