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Best Drum Lessons Online

It’s the driving force of the band. The groove behind a hip hop beat. The swing in jazz and the heartbeat of a great pop ballad. Drums are one of the most important elements in so many styles of music, and they play a huge part in what makes distinctive sounds so recognizable. It's what motivates most of my students to take drum lessons.

From Phil Collins to Chad Smith, Al Jackson Jr. to Ginger Baker, if you’re dreaming of becoming the next big sound in the rhythm section, Sage Music’s online drum lessons is the best place to start.

Here's what to expect from your first drum lesson.

"By the end of the first practice I was behind the kit, holding down a beat. It was amazing! I would definitely recommend."
--David Lucas, Google

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Master rhythm with drum lessons online

Some of the most famous musicians are drummers that have put their unique stamp on pieces of music, but playing the drums is also a role that has a lot of responsibility in any ensemble. You’re responsible for setting and keeping a tempo, leading the rest of the musicians and grounding everything from lush harmonies to crazy solos with a solid rhythmic backbone.

In order to start putting your own spin on your favorite songs and developing what your drum style will be, you need to be confident in these fundamentals. Our teachers at Sage Music know how to give you the practical pointers that will help you keep time and express your musicality at the same time, using easy to follow online lessons that slowly but surely build up your knowledge base and your skills.

I can only say positive things about the staff. Everyone has been super kind and they will always give you a warm welcome. I highly recommend this school for anyone who has the desire to learn to play an instrument. Thank you for all of your support!”

- Natalie Mendo, Google Reviews
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Online drum lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced drummers

Whether you’ve never picked up drumsticks before, or you’re a burgeoning drummer who wants to nail that fill or develop your technique into new genres and styles, our teachers at Sage Music will tailor online drum lessons to suit your personal music goals.

We don’t just teach you how to mimic drum lines in your favorite songs; we give you the tools and the know how to understand the music theory behind your favorite drums so that you can master any song or style; whether it’s a metal song being played at breakneck speed, or a sophisticated jazz rhythm on drum brushes.

From learning how to practice at home, to what you need for online drum lessons, to pushing your skill set further, we can teach it all. No matter how much experience you have with drums, Sage Music’s online school will give you the tools to master that new style or nail that tricky technique.

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Start learning from the comfort of your home with Sage Music’s drum lessons online

When you think of the paired back, immediate sound of the White Stripes or the effortless cool of Al Green, it’s the style of the drums that is so crucial to what makes these acts unique. In order to make your mark on the pieces you play, you need to master the fundamentals and have enough confidence to give a piece your own interpretation.

With online drum lessons from Sage Music, you’ll be guided through a simple step-by-step process that gets real results, expanding your skills and inspiring you to reach your musical goals. Take your drumming to the next level today, and book drum lessons online with Sage Music!

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