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Music Lesson Packages

Find the right music lesson package for you.

A music lesson

We know your situation is unique.

So we offer three lesson packages to fit your specific budget and schedule needs. Whether you are looking for flexibilty, consistency, or the right pricing we’ve got a plan that will work for you. You can use any of these plans with any music lesson length that we offer.

There are also good reasons why you should take more than one music lesson per week. For example, two 30 minute lessons may work better than one 60 minute lesson per week. Learn how long are music lessons.

Choose your plan and switch at anytime.

The Music Lesson Packages


The membership is our most popular plan. We recommend it if your are looking for the lowest rates and most consistency in your music lessons.

Flex Plan

Want low rates and convenient billing, but can't commit to a regular weekly lesson? The flex plan may be right for you.

Prepaid Package

If you are looking for the most flexibility and no commitment, the prepaid plan is for you.

Plan Details

For full plan details about scheduling, rescheduling and payments, see our student policies.

*scheduling limited to teacher availability

Want to know more about our music lesson packages? We're here to help.