Attendance Policies

Make-Up Lessons and Classes
There are no make-up lessons if a student misses a lesson or a class.

If a student is late, teachers are not required to stay late to make up the time.

Students are limited to one (1) rescheduled lesson during each ninety (90) day period, free of charge, at the student or student representative’s request, provided that the student or the student’s representative makes the request, by email or delivers a written request to reschedule at least 48 hours  prior to the scheduled lesson.

A student or his or her representative’s request to reschedule a planned lesson is at the sole discretion of the teacher, based on availability.  If the request by the student or his or her representative to reschedule cannot be rescheduled by the teacher, no make-up class, credit or refund shall be issued to the student.

Classes may not be rescheduled.

Payment Policies


Monthly Plan:
Credit cards will be automatically charged on the 1st day of each month. Student agrees and authorizes Sage Music to automatically charge for the student’s lessons each month. It is the student’s responsibility to maintain a valid credit card to be kept on file by Sage Music. Failed payments that become more than 14 days late will be subject to collection, and late fees.

Prepaid Package:
Package must be paid in full at time of purchase by credit card, cash, or check.

Semester Plan:
Semester plans must be paid in full before the semester begins by credit card, cash, or check.

Classes must be paid in full before the first day of class by credit card, cash, or check.


Prepaid Package.
Lessons purchased as a prepaid package will expire. The 5 Lesson package will expire 3 months after date of purchase. The 10 lesson package will expire 6 months after the date of purchase.  Refunds will not be provided for any lessons not used before the expiration date of the prepaid package.

Refunds and Credits
Sage Music does not offer refunds or credits for missed lessons or classes.

Late Payment
Accounts that are not paid by the 15th day of each month will be subject to a 15 percent late payment fee.

Automatic Payments
Students on Monthly or Semester Payments will be automatically renewed and charged on the first day of the next month or semester, respectively, unless they have cancelled according to the Cancellation Policy described herein.

Term of Service

Continuity and Automatic Renewal
By registering for lessons at our school, you are agreeing to be continually enrolled in our classes and agree to make payments for the time that you are enrolled according to the payment and attendance policies above, until you decide to cancel your lessons and notify us of your intent to cancel pursuant to the Cancellation Policy described herein.

Cancellation Policy

Monthly plan:
We require least 15 days advance written notice of your next billing date to cancel. Otherwise, the next monthly payment will be due in full. For example, if your next billing date is December 1, and you cancel on November 18, you will be charged for December in full.

Prepaid Package:
Cancellation is not required for prepaid packages. Lessons expire as noted above.

Semester Package:
We require at least 15 days written notice before the next semester begins.  For example, if your next billing date is February 1, and you cancel on January 20, you will be charged for the next semester in full.

Cancellation is not required for classes.

Photo release policy

Students agree that Sage Music will retain all copyright and intellectual ownership rights of all photographs, videos, and other media taken of students used for marketing or promotional efforts without any compensation to the students.  Students who wish not to be photographed must sign a written release before their first lesson.