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Start your voice lessons online with Sage Music. Our music tutors and teaching process are unmatched!

From Brooklyn to Bethesda, from Baton Rouge to Burlington, you shouldn’t have to settle for any old vocal coach wherever you live across the country. And with Sage Music’s voice lessons online, you don’t have to!

No matter where you’re located, our experienced tutors are here to offer you voice lessons that are convenient, structured, and designed to help you reach your musical ambitions, whatever they may be. Don’t settle for good enough. Choose the best musical tuition to help you develop your talent and enjoy a lifetime of confident, comfortable singing.

"[My teacher] has really elevated me as an actor and performer. [The staff does] a great job at creating a warm and supportive environment for growing artists."
--Kimberly Singh, Google

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Let Sage Music help you find your voice

At Sage Music, we’ll help you build your technique and master your instrument, but we’ll also work with you so you can find your unique voice. No two vocalists are the same — whether you want to belt it out like Whitney Houston, croon like Nina Simone, span octaves like Kate Bush, or let your singing soar like Idina Menzel, our experienced teachers can help you develop your unique voice and confidence with performing.

“I have noticed a significant amount of growth within the past 6 months. I have more confidence and ability to perform in front of a live audience. Sage Music is the place to be!”

- Gabby Fontes, Google Reviews
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Online voice lessons with a difference

While some vocal teachers approach voice lessons online the way they would in person, we’ve created our sessions to be approachable, easy to follow, and engaging from the first lesson. Thanks to our step-by-step Arpeggio® lesson system, it’s easy to track your progress, work through the material and see improvements. As well as accessing expert tutoring with our online voice lessons, you’ll also be able to take part in weekly recitals to practice performance skills, become part of an engaged musical community, and have the opportunity to connect with musical partners to keep you motivated and connected to a wider group of passionate musicians.

“As a child, I always hated music lessons but I'm convinced that I would have loved them at Sage Music. I cannot recommend them enough!”

- Franziska A., Google Reviews
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Channel your talent and hone your skill with customized online voice lessons

Our online voice lessons aren’t one-size-fits-all. We take a personalized approach to each student, so whether you’re enrolling your child in vocal coaching, you’re an adult beginner wanting to improve your skills and pitch, or an experienced vocalist looking for some fine-tuning before a performance or audition, our lessons can help you. We take the time to understand each student’s musical experience and goals and tailor our online voice lessons to meet your individual needs.

We take a modular approach — breaking down big goals and musical concepts into approachable smaller steps — to help you stay on track with rehearsals and see your skills improve steadily over time.

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Sage Music — online voice lessons that really get results

If you, your child, or someone else in your life has a passion for singing, don’t just let that talent stagnate. Book your first online voice lesson with Sage Music’s experienced teachers today, and start working towards making those musical dreams a reality. However you sing, and wherever you live, our expert tutors are excited to help you realize your full potential. Check out our blog for great information about voice lessons and other music topics.

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