Our music lessons are taught with our unique ARPEGGIO® lesson system. This guarantees consistent, high-quality music lessons and excellent customer service. In your music lessons with us you can expect:

  • Lessons designed to meet your goals
  • Individual attention
  • Professional teachers, trained in our progressive methods
  • Structure, communication, and clarity
  • Flexibility to work on what you want
  • Join our community and meet others with recitals, events and more

We know it’s hard to find time to practice music, so we’ll also teach you to practice efficiently so that you make the most of your time.

And for parents, we’ll help you find ways to keep your child motivated and practicing, too.

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All About Your Music Lessons in NYC

Like most big cities, NYC also offers a lot of choices. So why trust Sage Music with your musical education?

High Quality Music Lessons

Our music lessons provide you with structure and clarity using our unique ARPEGGIO® lesson system, which is based on the proven science and psychology of learning. Your lessons will be planned around your goals, your learning style, and your interests. And the one-one-one environment will provide you with all of the individual attention you need to maximize your growth as a musician. This is done expertly by the Sage Music faculty who are true professionals.

Professional Music Teachers

Very few teachers make it through our rigorous hiring process, because we only accept the few that share our vision, values, and professionalism. We select teachers who are both great musicians and who are passionate about teaching. We then train them to become great teachers of private music lessons and group music classes.


Because of our music teacher training and ARPEGGIO®, students notice the difference and appreciate the quality of education because they are looking for something better. And we’ve built a community around these great people.

When you join us, you’ll have the chance to socialize and meet new like-minded people with similar interests, at our many recitals, events, workshops, open-mic nights, jam sessions and more. Or just socialize in our comfortable waiting areas that feel like your living room, not like a holding pen.


Not only will you be connected with your teachers and peers, you’ll be in constant contact with our administration who are just as invested in your success as our teachers. They will be providing you with timely communication, excellent customer service, and are always ready to help you. So why not get in contact with us so that you can experience Sage Music today?

Sage Music offers music lessons online or in NYC at our two locations in Queens and Brooklyn, NY.