All About Your Music Lessons in NYC
Like most big cities, NYC also offers a lot of choices. So why trust Sage Music with your musical education?

Because our dedicated and trained faculty are going to teach you how to play the music that you want to play, with the best technique for practicing and learning music. As a result, you are going to feel confident in your own musical abilities, become a skilled performer, and feel good about yourself in your day-to-day life. In addition to teaching great music lessons, we aim to foster connections through our community focused environment.

Our music lessons are different because we select teachers who are both great musicians and who are passionate about teaching. We then train them to become great educators for private music lessons or group classes.

Most private music teachers obtain degrees in music performance at a college or music conservatory. These music performance degree programs offer little, if any training in teaching. This leaves these musicians unprepared to teach private music lessons.

Other music teachers have earned music education degrees, which focus on classroom management and meeting New York State standards. While this may help prepare them for group instruction, these instructors still do not have the training needed to effectively teach private music lessons.

Jason Sagebiel, Sage Music founder, recognized that there was a need to train musicians to teach private lessons, because there is no other program that does this.

After helping himself to recover from a serious brain injury by using the healing power of music and through extensive research into the science and psychology of learning, Sagebiel set out to help others. Indeed, he found a better way to teach music, and today trains his faculty using these tried and true best practices for teaching private instrumental or vocal lessons and group classes. Take a look at our YouTube page for a limited number of free lessons to get a sense of our teaching style.

Sage Music guarantees that each teacher employed by the school, understands and applies the best methods for teaching private music lessons. Students who come to learn with Sage Music notice the difference and appreciate the quality of education. Specifically, you will become more confident by making consistent and steady progress, have the chance to socialize and meet new like-minded people with similar interests, and overall become a well-rounded person and musician.

Sage Music offers music lessons in NYC at our two locations in Queens and Brooklyn, NY.