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How Sage Music® teacher training helps you reach your goals

Should your teacher have training? How does that affect your progress?

When you go to the doctor, you expect that she has studied how to make you well.  When you go to the mechanic, you expect him to have trained how to fix your car.  Shouldn’t the same be true for your music teacher? Shouldn’t you expect that your music teacher has trained in teaching?

Absolutely, you should.

Students often say “I want a music teacher who knows how to help me quickly reach my goals.” But this is rarely the case. Why? Because there has been no serious teacher training program for private music teachers. There has been no path that prepares someone to effectively teach music until now…. At Sage Music we believe that you deserve the best music lessons.

We believe that you should make the fastest progress possible. And to do that, you need a professional teacher who knows exactly how to help you learn. So we developed the Sage Music Teacher Training to do just that.

We take solid musicians who are also passionate teachers and we train them in the best methods for teaching music. As a result you will

How Sage Teacher Training Helps Students Succeed
At Sage Music, we invest in our teachers so that they can in turn invest in you. Learn how our trained teachers can help you succeed.

How does a musician normally becomes a music teacher?

There are normally three ways that someone becomes a private music teacher.

  1. Performers. The teacher earned a degree in music performance from a college or university. This teacher knows how to play music, and often very well. But they have no training in how to teach music.
  2. Classroom Teachers. The teacher earned a degree in music education. This teacher has much less training in how to play music, but are usually solid musicians anyway. While they have some training in education, it is not suited to teaching private lessons.  Their training often consists of classroom management and meeting state standards. Their degrees help them to teach grade school or high school, but does not prepare them to teach music privately.
  3. The Self Taught Musician. The teacher is a self-taught musician who also teaches. This teacher may or may not know good technique, and lacks the same teacher training as someone with a performance degree.

Can these people be great teachers? Absolutely they can. And most of them are really great people with the best intentions. But none of these teachers are equipped with a full set of tools needed to teach music effectively. This is not their fault.  

We live in a culture where music teachers are not expected to have trained as teachers. As a result there has not until now been such a program to train them. We at Sage Music seek to change this culture, to change this expectation. We believe that you deserve to have the very best teachers, equipped with the very best skills to help you progress.

We invest in our teachers so that they can in turn invest in you.

How do you benefit from the Sage Teacher Training as a student?

Learn music the fastest

Sage Music teachers are trained to know exactly how people learn the best. They study the psychology of learning, and how the brain functions. They know how to help you develop your technique, memorize music, and perform music expressively.

Develop a safe and solid technique

Our teachers study anatomy and biomechanics. Why? So they can help you move more effectively. So that you can play without risking injury, which is common for untrained musicians.  You will be both more efficient and more comfortable when you play.

Quickly reach your goals

Sage Music teachers are trained to map your lessons to your goals.  There is no one size fits all approach like most other methods. Our teachers will discover what you want to do, and then lead you along the path toward mastery of your goals.  

Become a better practicer

Your teacher will also teach you how to practice. You may spend 30 minutes or 60 minutes a week with your teacher. But what will you do for the other 6 days and 23 hours of the week?   When you teacher shows you the best strategies for learning music on your own, you will maximize your progress outside of the lesson.

The ARPEGGIO® lesson framework.

Our proprietary ARPEGGIO® lesson framework is a complete teaching system that guarantees every lesson you take is simply an awesome experience. Every lesson will get you one step closer to your goals, without ever leaving you feeling overwhelmed. All Sage Music teachers are trained in using this unique system. In music, an arpeggio is a chord that is broken into individual notes.  Likewise, the ARPEGGIO® lesson framework breaks each music lesson into smaller units that cover every essential area. This guarantees that your lesson will include all of the most important things in each and every lesson. You’ll have great fun quickly reaching your own goals!  

How did the training evolve?

Sage Music founder, Jason Sagebiel, suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving as a Marine in the war. Through his own recovery, he went through speech therapy, occupational therapy, and more. He had to relearn how to play music among many other things.  Through his relearning, he discovered that there is much research into how people learn, but that educators are rarely equipped with this knowledge.  So he went to work taking the research in how humans learn and function, and started applying it specifically to the teaching of music. The results have been astounding. Our students are making great progress, enjoy their practicing, and are reaching beyond their goals.

Ready to learn music with a better way? Contact us to learn how.