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Online music lesson are a great way to utilize your free time and learn how to paly an instrument or sing. As digital technology is evolving at a fast pace, online learning has quickly become a key resource for schools and companies and students.

Online learning can also play an important role in our hobbies by providing new outlets for art and creativity and personal expression.

Taking online music lessons is a great way to learn an instrument and develop your own creativity. And there are some great reasons to choose to learn a new instrument online with a live teacher.

You get to take lessons from the comfort of your own home.

One clear benefit of online music lessons is that you can have them from the comfort of your home. You can also have your music lesson at the time that is most convenient for you.

Be sure to schedule a time for your music lesson with your teacher at the time of day when you know you are most productive.

Since it is an online music lesson, your teacher is more likely to have to flexibility to provide lessons in the early morning or in the evening, based on whatever suits your lifestyle best.

With that being said, your in-home lesson and practice space should be set up in an area that is:

  • Distraction-free
  • Just for music

Whether in a home office or even a corner in your room, provide yourself an environment specifically made for playing and practicing away from distractions.

This will heighten your level of focus so that you can get the most out of your learning and practice.

By creating a dedicated and distraction-free music lesson space in your home, you can have the most effective online music lessons. And you’ll have created an efficient practice space for yourself as well, for the time in between your online music lessons.

Get direct access to the best music teachers

Perhaps one of the best advantages of online music lessons is that you can have access to high-quality music teachers that would normally be out of your reach. You can learn with a teacher from a different city, state, or country than yours!

While the internet offers many options for learning music that can provide you valuable information, like video tutorials, masterclasses, etc., having a live teacher for your online music lessons will provide you with personalized instruction.

Unlike with video tutorials and other similar resources, online music lessons can be customized to your personal skill level goals and understanding.

With a live teacher for your online music lessons, you’ll have someone to guide you throughout your lesson. They will assess and then help you with:

  • Your practice space and online lesson setup
  • Your technique, posture, etc.
  • Your sound and tone as you play

You’ll have a live person to make sure that you are progressing in the right way, forming good habits, and that you completely understand every idea moving onto the next one. You can also stop your teacher to ask questions as they come to you or ask your teacher to change the pace of your lesson.

Your teacher can also write specific content for your lessons, such as transcriptions of music that you would like to play, or help you with music theory in real time. Which bring us to our next benefit…

Utilizing video conference features for your online music lessons

Popular video conference software, like Google Hangouts, and Zoom, is equipped with great features that can enhance the quality of your lesson.

Two helpful features to make use of during your online lessons:

  • Screen sharing
  • Record your lessons

Screen sharing

This allows your teacher to efficiently show you their screen during the flow of the lesson with the click of a button (and vice versa––you can show them your screen, too!).

This can be extremely helpful and effective for sharing sheet music, digital books, exercises, videos, and recorded music during your lesson.

If you and your teacher are using a music score editor to create personalized exercises or transcriptions for your performance practice or instruction in music theory, this is also a great way to work together to make any changes or notes to your score.

Many of our students are so happy they don’t have to carry books and scores around with them to their lessons now.

Sage Music Screen Sharing
Screen sharing is a handy feature that allows you and your teacher to look at sheet music together during your online music lesson.

Record your online music lesson

Recording your lesson will prove useful to you as you practice during the week.

You will have a replay of your full lesson for you to review later. This will help you remember any points you may have forgotten since your lesson. Or give you the chance to work through any difficult content multiple times.

This feature also allows you to record footage of any examples or exercises your teacher demonstrates during the lesson.

You can capture valuable footage to view later as you practice, like:

  • Specific playing patterns
  • Chord progression
  • Melodic ideas
  • Explanations of musical concepts

You and your teacher can use this feature to compile valuable resources and tools that are specific to your learning.

You can use these resources and tools to your advantage to practice successfully and develop your skills as a musician.

You'll have more time to prepare for your online music lesson

Since you are not traveling to your lesson, you can make a point to warm up on your instrument for as long as you need to before your lesson begins.

That way, you can be loosened up and ready to show your progress to your teacher. You’ll also be better prepared for new material.

At the same time, you don’t need to travel back home from an online music lesson. Once you are done with your lesson you can keep practicing right away on your own, for better retention of the exercises covered!

Online music lessons will improve the quality of your life

Don’t let the convenience and accessibility of online music lessons distract from the priceless value they can add to your life.

The holistic benefits of learning and engaging with music have an impact on:

  • Mood
  • Work performance
  • Mental state

This is just naming a few of the ways that music benefits us. Learning to create music yourself puts all these benefits in the palm of your hands.

Learn a method of self-expression

Music can lift our spirits and bring meaning and purpose to our lives.

It is present in every human culture, and plays an important role in our lives, from secular to religious.It has been present since the beginning of human evolution as one of the first forms of language and communication.

Listening to and creating music is a cathartic experience. It allows us to release our emotions through it, decreasing our levels of stress. It helps us connect ourselves to our personal emotions, accompanies us in times of joy and grief, letting us express ourselves.

Taking online lessons will give you access to abilities that allow you to express your emotions creatively.

Exercise your brain

Learning music online will also engage you mentally.

Performing or composing music involves the use of problem solving skills that will keep the mind sharp.

When learning or creating music, we have to come up with efficient and logical solutions.

When we learn or compose a piece of music, it usually starts with a simple and short idea that will be repeated and expanded with variations or combined with other ideas. The result will be a combination of fragments that when put together will give us a complete work that makes sense, just like a puzzle.

Learning music online can also help you outside of music.

Music improves our creativity, enabling us to come up with fast and effective solutions, which can improve your work performance whether on the job or at school. In fact, music education is proven to help students excel at schoolwork!

Beyond being a vehicle of expression, engaging with music aids us in all of life’s other activities.


With the right equipment and set up for your online lessons in place, and (perhaps most importantly) the right teacher to help you reach your goals, you’ll be able to obtain all these benefits from having online music lessons.

Making use of the tools mentioned above, plus the personal effort and patience you put into your own practice, will empower you to have a great online music lesson experience.

Of course, the best kind of learning is always the kind that is meaningful to you. Be sure to find a teacher who is equipped to help you learn what’s meaningful to you in the best way. And have fun while you’re learning and reaching your goals!

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