The Sage Music Difference

April 11, 2022
At Sage Music we take a very different approach to music education. Learn what makes us different, and see if we are right for you.


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Finding the Right Music Lessons For You

We’re excited to hear that you are looking to take music lessons and are considering Sage Music as one of your options!

Taking lessons with a qualified teacher will help you reach your goals faster than doing it on your own. And it will help you make better progress, find community, play the music that you want, avoid mistakes and injury, and more. But there is really a lot to consider when choosing the right school for you.

To help you along, we’ve written a guide for astute readers like yourself to help them make the most informed decision about where to learn music. You can download your getting started with music lessons guide here. It’s completely free and packed full of expert advice to help you make the best decision for yourself or your child.

Now let’s take a look at what sets us apart from other music schools.

What makes Sage Music® Different

Not all music schools are created the same.

At Sage Music we take a very different approach to music education where we focus on your goals to help you learn exactly the music that you want in a welcoming community.

All of our lessons are expertly taught with our trained music teachers using our science backed Arpeggio® lesson system, which guarantees a consistent experience, great customer service, and all the best learning strategies.

Plus there are plenty of opportunities to meet other students, perform in our open mics, recitals and other community events.

What does it look like taking lessons at Sage Music?

Our vision is simple. To help you become the best person and musician that you can be.

It takes a lot of work and effort to do that, and our school is built around that idea. That simple idea makes our school very different, and we think you’ll see why.

So where do we begin? With your student onboarding!

Student Onboarding

– Focus on your dreams and goals. You tell us the destination and we’ll get you there.

After you register, we do a student onboarding session before your lessons begin. We’ll set your goals so that your teacher can focus on what you want. We’ll also talk about your preferences so that we can customize the lessons around the things that are important to you. Some students, for example, want to perform, and other students just want something to do as an escape from work. The point is, no two students are alike, and so we are going to treat you like the individual that you are and personalize our process around you. Lastly, we’ll do a personality and learning assessment to help our teachers present information to you in exactly the right way for better learning. From here, the progress begins. And this is where our trademarked lesson framework comes in.

When I first started considering [music] lessons, I was genuinely scared. I’m not musically trained and I don’t read music. But I was so happily surprised when I joined Sage. They do a great job at gauging where you are when it comes to music and really working with your strengths and helping you with weaknesses.

Allyson Corally Yelp Reviews

The Arpeggio® lesson framework

– Providing you consistent, quality music lessons

To ensure that you get a consistent and quality experience, all of our lessons are taught with our unique Arpeggio® lesson framework. It’s actually an acronym for the 8 step process we use in each lesson to guarantee that you get the best learning experience and great service in every lesson you take with us. We’d tell you more, but it’s all protected by trade secret. This framework, paired with our rigorous teacher training program, is a large part of why students see so much progress here that they stay enrolled with us 3 times longer than other schools – simply, they see more progress and play more of the music that they want.

[my teacher’s] level of skill paired with the solid structure of the school leads me to learn excessively quick

Jonathan Lynch Google Reviews

Sage Teacher Training

– Our teachers are trained and supervised to help you learn best

Yes, we’ve got a great system. But we’ve also got great people. We take excellent musicians who are passionate teachers, and we train them in the best strategies for teaching and learning music.

Other music schools don’t invest in their teachers the same way. In fact, they mostly hire independent contractors who are not actually employees of the school. That means that they can’t supervise or train them, and can’t direct what will be done in the lessons or how it will be done.

On the other hand, we take care of our teachers. We invest in our teachers so that they can in turn invest in you. We provide them with competitive pay, retirement plans, and health benefits so that they can focus on teaching you. Our teachers are also well supervised, so that when you study at Sage Music you not only get a great teacher, but you also get an entire school behind you to help you reach your goals.

Amazing teachers! they are patient and knowledgeable. Highly recommended!

Rick Franco Google Reviews


Our mission is to help students become the best musicians and people that they can be. And as they say, it takes a village. We focus on helping you learn and grow. And we also help our employees learn and grow. And in that way, we are all focused on the same thing: growing as people through music. We’d love for you to join us, because it makes us happy to help you grow as a musician, too.

No matter your level or ability, we’ll welcome you in to our community.

[They] make you feel comfortable during your lessons … and [no one] will pass judgment on your abilities. I can only say positive things about the staff. Everyone has been super kind and they will always give you a warm welcome.

Natalie Mendo Google Reviews

Sage Music® Meet

For our students who take their music lessons online, we’ve got Sage Music Meet. It’s a dedicated private virtual lesson room that allows you to share music, video files and musical scores with your teacher. You can set up multiple cameras and video feeds for the best view. And your lessons are recorded so you can always go back and review your previous lessons. It's a part of our larger student app.

Sage Student App

Our student app is designed to help you easily manage your lessons, schedule appointments, track your goals and progress, plus so much more. With our full time development team, it's getting better day by day, and we are always adding new features.

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