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Get singing lessons personalized to your individual goals and learning style. Learn to sing the music you want from the convenience of your home online.

"...my teacher’s level of professionalism goes above and beyond."
--Sebastien S, Google

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Dreaming of hitting the high notes? With our singing lessons online, you can!

Do you, your child, or someone you know love to sing? Maybe you’re a keen karaoke performer or love to accompany your favorite songs on the radio. However you express yourself musically, online voice lessons with our experienced teachers can help you extend your range, sing more confidently, and develop your technique to take over the center stage.

“Improvement in my voice both in terms of volume and of how clear it comes out within 3 lessons! If there was a higher than 5 stars rating I could give, I would!”

- Panagiotis Zagaliotis, Google Reviews
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How our online singing lessons work

Access the expertise and singing knowledge of our trained Sage Music teachers from the comfort of your own home with online singing lessons. Our online music tuition doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach — we tailor a personalized program to your experience, skills, and musical goals using our unique Arpeggio® lesson system to help you find your voice and create good habits that will support your singing for years to come.

Not only will you receive customized, one-on-one online voice lessons, but you’ll also gain access to our student dashboard, take advantage of recorded lessons, be able to partner with other musical buddies, and take part in weekly musical recitals. Become part of a musical community to motivate and help you develop your performance skills with online singing lessons that go beyond a weekly practice session.

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How online singing lessons can help develop your vocal skills

Only you know your authentic voice, but it takes professional guidance to develop your unique style in a healthy and sustainable way. Poor vocal technique can affect your singing ability and cause injuries like vocal nodules. With our guided online singing lessons and experienced vocal coaches, you can define what makes your singing distinctive and unique while maintaining good vocal habits that will support your passion for many years.

“My experience there has been nothing but wonderful, exciting, and laid-back. I have experienced positive things with my singing and I have hit notes in places that I never dreamed of.”

- Frank D., Google Reviews
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Create a pitch-perfect technique with an evidence-based approach

Because our approach to online singing lessons is based on science, we know how to help you develop your technique in a way guaranteed to get you results and help you see real progress, week on week. For children, we have a simple and easy-to-follow approach that sets up great practice habits and a good grasp of music theory. For adult singers, whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced vocalist, we’ll work with you to understand your musical goals and tailor an online experience designed especially for you.

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Join a vibrant musical community with Sage Music’s singing lessons online

If you’re ready to develop your or your child’s vocal skills, Sage Music’s online singing lessons are the perfect way to start learning in a fun and engaging way while still getting the benefits of being a part of a broader musical community. No matter where you live, our online singing lessons are here for you. Book your first lessons with us today, and experience the difference of our experienced teachers and guided easy-to-follow program.

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