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Music Composition Lessons

Learn the music you want in a way that works for you. At Sage Music®, you'll get private music composition lessons customized to your goals in a welcoming community committed to your success.

More than teaching songs, we’ll teach you or your child the skills to play any song on saxophone. Our goal is to help you become the best person and musician you can be.

Lessons are with our trained, professional saxophone teachers using our proven Arpeggio® lesson system and personalized to your goals.

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The details matter

We’re not your ordinary music school

As a smart, conscious learner who is looking for the best, you’ll want to pay close attention to the details that make our program different from other music composition schools.

And we know you’ll appreciate the Sage Music® difference.

Why are we called Sage?

A smarter way to learn music composition

sage : \ ˈsāj \ wise through reflection and experience


Our music composition teachers are highly trained in the best methods for learning and teaching music. You or your child will get the best instruction anywhere. So skip the amatuers, and learn with the pros who can properly guide you toward your goals.


Our Arpeggio® lesson system – backed by learning science – will help you learn music composition quickly and easily with direction in a structured and step-by-step way. Plus we’ll teach you what to do, how to learn it, and why you’re doing it.


We know you’ll get the best results because our students see steady progress. So we’d never need to lock you into a contract. Yet students stay with us 3x longer than other schools. Get in touch to see why now.

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Music Composition Lessons for Adults

Believe it or not 63.8% of our students are adults

Whether you want to be a professional musician or have had lifelong dreams of playing music, you’ll find yourself in good company at Sage Music.

Our students range from absolute beginners to intermediate players to advanced professionals looking to improve their skills and practice.

No matter what you want to learn, we’ll get you there.

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Music Composition For Beginners

So many of our students love to listen to music. But they also have a drive to create their own music, too. They then try to write their own music and quickly discover that it is hard!

In our beginner composition lessons, will give you the theory and basic technique to get started composing the music you want.

Intermediate Composition Lessons

Once you have learn the basics of composing, we'll start to teach you how to write within a musical form, thinking about dramatic arch, and other techniques that help you write organic music.

Advanced Music Composition Lessons

In your advanced music composition lessons we'll help you move toward your larger goals. That could be orchestration, working on pacing, advanced compositional technique, motivic development and more.

Compostion Lessons for Kids

Develop your child’s skills in a fun and engaging way

Just like you, we want to see your kid have fun, enjoy music, and grow into a capable, successful adult. And we also know you want a program you can trust because you are busy with so many things.

That’s what we’ve designed our Arpeggio® lesson system to do. Systems such as Suzuki, ABRSM, the Royal Conservatory simply provide a sequence of songs to play. But our system is designed to develop your child’s skills, enabling them to play any music they want. That’s real growth, and real learning.

Child writes music at Sage

Guaranteed Results

In addition, our system provides you with detailed notes every week so you can stay in touch with your child’s development. Plus your child will have the opportunity to perform every week in our student sharing hour, in our open mics, or in our regular recitals. This gives you results that you and your child can see.

Beginner Music Composition Lessons For Kids

Children have wild and vivid imaginations. Beginning composition lessons for children should be about encouraging your child's imagination. On the other hand, we look for ways to add structure, plus teach the theory needed to write music.

Intermediate Kids Composition Lessons

Once your child is writing music, the next steps are to help them with technique and the rules of music. That includes learning the sounds and ranges of musical instruments, form, and other necessary things.

Advanced Music Compostion Lessons For Kids

It's a fact, the creative industry is bigger than the automotive industry. And composers are the biggest earners in this genre, because they make their income through licensing. We occasionally have students who wish to earn a living through this field, and we are happy to help prepare them and their portfolios for professional use, or conservatory and college admission.

What you’ll get at Sage Music that no other music school offers

Here are just a few of the things that make us a different sort of music school. Learn more about what makes us different.

The Sage® Student

Our flagship course will teach you everything you need to know to learn and master any music. When you graduate, you’ll know more about learning music than teachers at other schools do.

The ARPEGGIO® lesson system

Quickly and easily learn the music you want in our top-rated music lesson system. Classes are structured, step by step, and designed to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

Sage® trained teachers

There is no better teacher than the Sage Music teacher. Where other schools hire performers to teach music, we hire professional teachers. Then, we put them through our rigorous music teacher training, so you’ll get the most qualified teachers around.

Music Match

Looking to meet new people to share your passion for music? Just let us know and we’ll connect you with other students just like you so you can practice or make music together.


We want a relationship with you, not a transaction. We promise to treat you like the unique person that you are.


We’ve got an incredible community of great people like you, in person and online. Join our online groups, concerts, recitals, open-mics and more.

Student Onboarding

Before starting your music lessons, you’ll meet with a senior member of our team to determine your goals, set your preferences, discuss your learning style, and assess your skills and experience and build a plan for your lessons.

Student Dashboard

A dedicated private online platform that allows you to attend lessons, set your music goals, review lesson notes, practice your homework, and manage your student account.

Lesson Recordings

Your lessons are recorded so you can go always back to review, track your progress, or refresh your memory.

Sage Music Meet

For online students, your lessons will be in our own video platform. Parents will also feel secure knowing they can join the online lesson at anytime and that lessons are always recorded.

It's easy to get started

How music composition lessons work

Get in touch with through our contact form or at +1 (833) 537-0680 to get started.


From your first phone call to your ongoing private music composition lessons, we’ll get to know you. We believe in building strong relationships so we can customize everything we do to your wants, needs, and goals.


Our professional teachers, using our proven, science-backed Arpeggio® lesson system, will help you learn the music you want. Lessons are clear, step-by-step, and structured so you will you steadily progress toward your goals.


Show off your newly developed music composition skills by performing in our recitals, weekly open mics, or in our music match program. Perform with others, or simply enjoy your own playing.

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How much do music composition lessons cost?

Since our ARPEGGIO® program has been custom built to work around the needs and goals of the individual student, pricing plans vary. We do cost more than most other schools, but we simply provide a better lesson, experience, and value. You’ll get way more value for your money than other schools.

Our pricing includes access to our online community, free enrollment in our flagship music course The Sage Student ($549 on its own), our professionally trained Sage Music teachers, and the science backed ARPEGGIO® lesson system. Plus free enrollment in our recitals, open-mics, events, Music Match program, and more.

Contact us today for our best advice about the programs and pricing that are best for you.

Music Composition Lesson Reviews

"I was able to learn the song I wanted to play, with the better sound than I have ever made. I recommend it especially when you want to learn something new and develop your skills in details."
- Sam K., Google
"Sage provides a great online learning experience. Very professional, highly skilled, patient ... I would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their music playing."
- Todd J., Google
"I am in singing class and it is a great opportunity to express myself. I love doing studio classes and I really hope we do them with duets!"
- Melanie Lopez, Google
"I can't say enough good things about Sage. Trust that they really care about you and your musical journey."
- Samantha V., Google
"I am amazed at how fast my wife and I have both come along. This is a school I highly recommend."
- Alan Williams, Google
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Other Programs

Most of our students come to us after they have tried lessons somewhere else. They tried video courses or lessons that weren’t personlized for them – YouTube, or TakeLessons. They took lessons with teachers who were not trained professionals. Or they took group classes that didn't help them develop their individual voice.

And they just didn’t see the results they wanted.

They didn’t get better or ended up frustrated. They paid for videos but still had to teach themselves. They took lessons with someone who showed them what to do, but not how to do it.

And that left them unhappy. Feeling like they wasted time and money. So they looked for a better program.

The good news is that you’ve just found the #1 science backed program, guaranteed to get you results. That’s the Arpeggio® lessons system, designed right here at Sage Music®.

Types of Music Composition Lessons

Not all composition lessons are the same. Different styles of music require different technique and theory. Some require an understanding of the voice, and others of improvisation, or orchestration.

Private Composition Lessons

First, we should note that all of our composition lessons are private lessons. We believe that you need the individual feedback to help develop your individual voice. Group work won't help with that.

Classical Composition Lessons

If you want to follow in the tradition of Mozart, Brahms, or even Schoenberg or Reich this is the route for you. You can learn to write new complexity, or in the current post-modern trends, or whichever styles call your name.

Jazz Composition Lessons

Not only will you need jazz theory, but you'll also need to understand how to improvise so that your jazz heads make sense for the players. We'll help you with form, changes, theory, and more.

Songwriting Lessons

Songwriting is a subgenre of music composition. While many don't think of songwriting as composition, it is just composing with a different set of rules. Songwriting lessons are less theory intensive, but focus more on the lyrics, form, and making songs clear. You'll learn to arrange your songs for a voice and guitar or piano, or to arrange them for a band.

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