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What are the elements of a great music school?

April 26, 2018
When you are seeking a musical education at a music school it’s important to look for characteristics of excellence in a learning establishment.


Founder & CEO | Sage Music

Whether you are seeking a musical education for your children or looking for music lessons for adults, it’s important to look for characteristics of excellence in a learning establishment.

At Sage Music, we understand that when it comes to music lessons, it’s important to find an establishment that not only offers a quality education, but a positive and nurturing atmosphere in which to learn. To help you determine if our programs are a good fit for your needs, we’ve created an outline of what we consider the key elements of a great music school.

The School's Philosophy

The establishment’s style and philosophy are an important element of a great music school. If the school’s culture doesn’t match your sensibilities, it probably won’t be a good fit!

The Sage Music School puts a strong focus on not only teaching the absolute best music lessons, but on community as well. We are assembled as a community of musicians, including our teachers, students, and supporters, who are all dedicated to fostering musical and personal growth, and success.

We believe that it is this sense of community that allows students to be engaged and become deeply immersed in the beauty of creating music. The inviting facility which fosters artistry, confidence, and success through music lessons is the type of establishments that will help students learn to truly love music.

The Types of Music Lessons Offered

Clearly, the best music school will be one that offers the types of lessons you’re seeking! At Sage Music, we offer a robust roster of class offerings.

As you browse our website you’ll see that we offer guitar lessons, beginner guitar lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, and singing lessons…as well as individual lessons for a variety of other instruments and music classes for young children. Try the cello, saxophone, clarinet, flute, trumpet, drums, and horn, too!

Music Instruments


Let’s face it: if you are going to be attending music lessons on a frequent basis, you don’t want a burdensome commute! Sage Music has two convenient New York City locations. Our first location is in Long Island City, Queens. Not only is this neighborhood music and the arts-rich, but it’s easily accessible via many types of mass transit. Which other school is walking distance to the E, F, G, M, N, Q, R, 7, and LIRR and only 7 minutes from midtown Manhattan?

Our newest location is in a historic, landmark building in San Antonio, TX . At this location, we offer private music lessons to children and adults, plus group classes for kids. San Antonio also serves as our headquarters for our online music lesson program.

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