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Sage Music Founder

Learn more about Sage Music founder, Jason Sagebiel, and his inspiring story.

Jason Sagebiel, Sage Music Founder


Jason Sagebiel grew up in Texas as part of a musical family.

He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1999. And later served as a Scout-Sniper in the Iraq war in 2003.

In the war he suffered a traumatic brain injury.

He was left broken, debilitated, and without his former abilities.

So he went through a decade of therapy and rehab.

This led him to the research of how people best learn and function. And he became passionate about learning and teaching, especially teaching music.

His newly found love and expertise in learning and music led to his founding of Sage Music.

Beyond just music, Sagebiel teaches people how to best learn. So his students maximize their growth in all areas of their lives.

And he trains all of the Sage Music teachers in these methods, too.

This has resulted in his Sage Music students staying enrolled 3 times longer than other schools. And has caused students to fly from all over the US to study at his music schools in New York City and in San Antonio, TX. Many other choose to take music lessons online.

In addition, Sagebiel has had an exceptional career as a musician.

He has given more than 30 world premiere performances. He has conducted at Carnegie Hall multiple times, and has appeared there as a soloist.

He has directed theNYC Guitar Orchestra for over 10 years, and is currently recording a triple album release with New Focus recordings. He has worked with members of the Philip Glass Ensemble, The Metropolitan Opera, Nine Inch Nails, the B-52s, and several and Grammy and Emmy award winning composers.

He is published by Earth Songs Music. And he is an Assistant Professor of Music at the City University of New York.

Sagebiel also volunteers as a Program Manager at Veteran’s Rebuilding Life, a non profit that provides 360 degree support for returning combat veterans.

His inspiring story has been featured on TV, radio, and in two books: Listening to War, and Sound Targets.

Books About Jason Sagebiel

Sound Targets

Sound Targets Book Cover

Sound Targets:
American Soldiers and Music in the Iraq War
Jonathan Pieslak

Listening to War

Listening to War Book Cover

Listening To War:
Sound, Music, Trauma, and Survival in Wartime Iraq
J. Martin Daughtry


One World Many Voices

One World Many Voices CD Cover

One World Many Voices, Volume 7:
Earthsongs Music
Various Composers
Jason Sagebiel, Composition & Oud

Mappa Mundi: At Sea

Mappa Mundi Band, At Sea CD Cover

Mappa Mundi:
At Sea

Jason Sagebiel, Guitar

Zenamon: Matt Kaplan

Zenamon: Matt Kaplan

Matt Kaplan
Jason Sagebiel, Guitar (Guest Artist)