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"Amazing experience taking piano lessons with Sage Music School. Sage is the needed tool to help me meet my current piano playing goals."
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Sage Music is proud to offer one-on-one piano lessons in New York, welcoming students of all skill levels and ages. Whether you're an absolute beginner or looking to reignite your passion for playing after a break, our experienced instructors are here to guide and support you on your musical journey.

In your introductory lesson, you'll learn the basics of note reading and hand position, allowing you to play simple songs from the start. From there, the direction of your lessons is entirely up to you.

If you've had prior piano experience, even if it's been years since your last class, don't worry — our patient and encouraging teachers will help you rediscover your skills and learn new music faster than expected.

Is it difficult to learn how to play the piano?

While some pieces, like the Rachmaninoff concerto, may appear daunting, overall, piano playing is an attainable and fulfilling endeavor. No matter which piano you choose, consistent practice and dedication are key. A supportive piano teacher can provide guidance and encouragement, making the learning process smoother. Don't be discouraged by age or previous musical background; anyone can learn to play the piano at any stage of life.

What type of piano should I choose?

Excited to start taking piano lessons in New York? Choosing the right piano for your musical journey involves considering several factors. If you prefer authentic acoustics, two options are grand and upright pianos. Grand pianos boast elegance and a higher price tag, but you can save money by buying a used one. Note that maintenance costs for acoustic pianos include periodic tuning and additional fees for first-time tunings or long intervals since the last tuning.

Alternatively, electric keyboards and digital pianos can be more cost-effective options. A full-sized electric keyboard with weighted keys and foot pedal options is recommended for beginners, offering versatility and musical growth.

The differences between electric and acoustic pianos

Electric keyboards and digital pianos offer practical advantages for those with limited space and diverse musical needs. While they lack the acoustic grand or upright piano's authentic sound quality, they make up for it with convenience and versatility.

Digital pianos never require tuning, can be played privately using headphones, and offer various sound options, metronomes, and recording features. They can be easily amplified and connected to computers for professional recording and music printing.

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