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Our Music Teachers

Unlike other schools, our teachers are employees who are trained in the best methods for learning and teaching music. Learn what sets our music teachers apart.

My girls enjoy practicing and always look forward to meeting with their wonderful teachers. The teachers are fantastic, patient and professional!

Eloisa Fontanez Google Reviews

Who are Sage Music Teachers?

At Sage Music, we take skilled musicians who are passionate about teaching, and give them the tools and skills needed to meet the standards of being a Sage Music Teacher.

Our students describe our teachers as

Our teachers have bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and sometimes even doctoral degrees in music performance, music education, or music therapy. 

They have performed at major concert halls in the US and abroad. And they have studied at prestigious universities such as

But none of these great schools can prepare them for what it takes to be a Sage Music Teacher, because we have higher standards. More on that below.

Sage music teachers are highly qualified, kind, and unbelievably helpful. The combination of elite level instruction and warmth is really unique, and is an experience I can only recommend wholeheartedly

Kate Bendrick Google Reviews

What makes Sage Music Teacher’s different?

Sage Music Teachers

Sage Music’s professional teachers are simply amazing, supportive, patient, and encouraging. 

Beyond being such great people, they have the skills to provide you with the individual attention you want and need to accomplish your personal music goals

That’s because our teachers go through our proprietary Sage Music Teacher Training.  It’s intense. And it’s based on the science and psychology of learning and playing music. Because that guarantees you results.

No other music school invests this amount of time and effort training their teachers.

So you aren’t getting just an individual teacher. You are getting a team of educators and staff who are skilled at helping you learn. And they are just as passionate about teaching as you are learning.

Our teachers work very hard to constantly improve their teaching. We believe that if we expect you to be the best musician you can be, that we have to be the best teachers that we can be. 

That’s what being professional, and being a leader is all about.

The teachers here…are knowledgeable, experienced, and patient. Most importantly they are able to tailor the lessons to a student’s specific goals and needs, which is not necessarily the norm in music education.

Adam L. Yelp Reviews

Sage Music Teacher Training

Sage Music Teacher Training

All of our teachers learn how the body works most efficiently and how the mind best learns music.

Then they continue to refine their skills with monthly workshops, meetings, coaching, and professional development with our Education Manager and with the School Founder.

They are trained in the best methods and techniques for learning and practicing music.

They learn anatomy so they can teach you safe and effective technique. They know how the brain learns to that you can learn ever more in less time.

And they apply their teaching through our unique and progressive ARPEGGIO® lesson framework. 

What Sage Music Teachers say about our teacher training

The ARPEGGIO® Lesson Framework

Sage Music puts efforts to know my goal and makes sure I am happy with the customized lessons. I felt great and refreshed after each class.

Weiru K. Yelp Reviews

The ARPEGGIO® lesson framework breaks each music lesson into smaller units that cover every essential area of learning music.

This guarantees that every music lesson will include all of the most important things in each and every time. You’ll have great fun quickly reaching your own goals!

Basically ARPEGGIO® guarantees you the best music lessons and the best customer service.

The details are a trade secret, so we can’t tell you too much more. But you won’t get this anywhere else, and the amazing results speak for themselves.

Get the best with Sage Music® Teachers

We believe that the education isn’t over when one graduates from school, it is a continual and ongoing process. This applies to our music teachers, too.

All of our music teachers have some of the best training in music from accredited universities in music performance and music education. Most of them have earned Master’s degrees, in fact.

But that isn’t enough for us.

Once employed at Sage Music, our teachers are mentored to become better teachers. They fully understand the way the body and mind and spirit work together in learning and teaching music.

Just as you will continue improving your skills as a student, we expect that our faculty continually improve their abilities as teachers.

They were great teachers when they came to us, but we aspire to make the best teachers around. So we invest in our teachers so that they can then invest in you.

Within our community, the support, mentoring, and standards we have for our teachers provide you with a level of quality that you just won’t get anywhere else

Our teachers are available at our NYC locations and online to expertly teach you the guitar, piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, saxophone, clarinet, flute, drums, songwriting, composition, theory, and general music.

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