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"I’m actually starting to LOVE playing guitar instead of feeling defeated by what I can’t do or don’t know."
--Matthew Opanowski, Google

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If you dream of shredding on stage, picking the strings like Santana playing Maria Maria on your electric guitar, or touring far and wide playing acoustic in New York, don't just imagine your guitar-playing future — make it happen! With our guitar lessons at Sage Music, you can start making your musical dreams come true, all within the vibrant confines of New York City. Whether it's for yourself, your child, or someone you love, the gift of guitar lessons from our expert instructors can truly provide you with the skills needed to pursue a lifetime of musical fulfillment.

Fulfill your dream with in person guitar lessons from Sage Music

Our in-person guitar lessons in New York City are perfect for kids learning to play for the first time, and they are also fully customizable for players of any age or skill level. Whether you possess a basic understanding of chords and seek to enhance your guitar knowledge to tackle more intricate pieces, are an adult starting from scratch in guitar playing, or an experienced player looking to explore new styles and techniques, Sage Music has you covered. Our in-person guitar lessons will seamlessly pick up from your existing know-how and guide you through step-by-step skill building, ensuring a fulfilling and enriching musical journey.

How Sage Music’s guitar lesson approach is different

There are many great guitar players offering lessons in New York, but being a skilled performer doesn’t necessarily translate to being able to educate someone else and pass on those skills.

Unlike some guitar lessons you may find in New York our in-person program is tailor-made to suit your needs. We prioritize personalization and offer a student dashboard, recorded lessons, and a vibrant musical community to keep you motivated and on track with your practice. Additionally, you'll have the opportunity to partner with a musical buddy and participate in weekly recitals, enhancing your learning experience. This personalized approach sets our in-person guitar lessons in New York apart and ensures you receive the best possible instruction for your musical journey.

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Whether you want to perform on stage or learn a new hobby with guitar, don’t hesitate to transform your passion and talent into solid practice and technique. Enroll in Sage Music’s guitar lessons, and embark on the path to realizing your musical ambitions. Book your first guitar lesson with us, and experience the excellence of New York's best music school.

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