At Sage Music, we are committed to changing the culture and quality of music education.

And over the last year, we have grown a lot toward this goal, from relocating our headquarters, to launching an online learning platform.

We’ve also made many shifts to keep up with a radically changing world.

Our team is already full of great people who are invested in your experience and success. But as we’ve grown and handled these challenges, we’ve needed more support.

So, today, we are proud to announce two new members of our community, April Knack, Outreach and Placement Director; and Hearin Brannock, Executive Assistant.

Since we’ve changed and added duties, we’d like to share with you what the whole team will be doing.

Student Experience, Client Service

Veronica Towers-Dioso
Student Experience Manager

Ashley Gill
Student Experience Coordinator

Together, Veronica and Ashley are there to assist you with anything related to your ongoing experience at Sage Music. That includes scheduling, billing, tech support, or any other day to day need.

Veronica and Ashley are your first point of contact for any needs you may have.

Need assistance? Get support now.


Matt Kaplan
Education Manager

Matt is there to train and supervise our music teachers to ensure you are getting the best learning experience in your music lessons, online music lessons, classes, online courses, and other educational activities.


April Knack
Director of Outreach and Placement

April’s role is to strengthen the relationship between Sage Music and our community, and to place new students into our community.

Growth and Development

Jason Sagebiel

Hearin Brannock
Executive Assistant

Jason’s role is to support all of our staff, and ensure Sage Music will continue to thrive well into the future.

Together with Hearin’s assistance, they are focused on growing Sage Music, developing new programs, and building all our future looking projects.

Please join us in welcoming April and Hearin to our team.