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Sage Music School welcomes first international student to San Antonio

Feb. 6, 2023
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Sage Music School welcomes first international student to San Antonio
Sage Music San Antonio welcomes our first international student. Rhonda visits us from Australia as she works on achieving her goals of improvising to popular music on the violin.



Sage Music has attracted students from all over the US and the world to our New York music school.

We were hoping the same for our San Antonio school, but were thrilled when it happened even sooner than we could have dreamed - we haven’t even finished renovations on our new school building yet!

Meet Rhonda, from Blueys Beach, Australia, right north of Sydney.

Rhonda alway wanted to do cool riffs and play contemporary songs. So she decided to take up music lessons a few years ago to reach that goal.

Initally, she took lessons at another music school. Although excited at first, Rhonda soon realized she wasn't moving towards her goals. In fact, her teacher didn't even let her choose what music to learn.

Rhonda sought out music instruction for fun and had hoped to find lessons to suit her passions rather than forcing her to conform to their structure.

Then Rhonda found Sage Music.

"Sage has been really flexible and accommodating", Rhonda writes, "My lessons are fun and informative... it's an inspirational space for learning."

After taking lessons with Sage Music online for several months, Rhonda flew to San Antonio from her home in New South Wales, Australia. Over the last few days, she’s been studying the violin in person with our teacher, Michael.

Michael and Rhonda after the violin lesson

Although initially nervous about the visit, Rhonda remarked on how easily she was able to practice and pick up on techniques Michael taught her in the violin lessons. She also noticed the beauty of the building and liveliness of the atmosphere at Sage.

All the staff are very excited about the future of Sage and their enthusiasm rubs off on students... I feel motivated to keep learning and improving.

Rhonda, Violin Student

Michael noted “Rhonda was really keen on learning how to improvise and use electronics in her playing. What I love about working at Sage Music is that the students also push me to grow. I’ve been learning to incorporate electronics and improvisation in my own playing. It’s been such great fun to be learning to do this alongside her.”

Since Rhonda made such a big effort to visit us in Texas, we honored her by allowing her to be the first student to take a lesson on our beautiful new concert stage.

Sage Music San Antonio's Upcoming Concert Stage
A sneak peak at the new concert stage at Sage Music San Antonio.

Rhonda continues to take online violin lessons with us from her home outside of Sydney.

Welcome to Sage Music, Rhonda! We’d love to have you back anytime.

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