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Sage Music Announces Easy Online Enrollment for Music Lessons

Sept. 16, 2022
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Sage Music Announces Easy Online Enrollment for Music Lessons
Becoming a student at our award-winning music school has never been easier!



Becoming a student at our award-winning music school has never been easier!

We’ve added a game-changing new feature to our website: self-registration! You can register yourself or your loved ones for music lessons right here on our website today and begin learning music faster, easier, and with more fun than you ever thought it could be!

You can sign up for private music lessons from anywhere in the world online, at our San Antonio music school, or take online music lessons with a NYC teacher while we plan our NYC music school reopening. (We are getting there as fast as we can!)

If you would rather register for music lessons by phone or video call, we’d still love to help and are even more accessible to you than ever! Just schedule a call anytime at your convenience.

Imagine how you’ll sound in just a few months with private music lessons based around your individual goals, and a customized practice routine to keep you focused on what’s important. We don’t have to imagine. We’ve seen excellent results in hundreds of students by using our science-backed methods. Are you ready to join them?

“I heavily admire that Sage Music allows me to bring them my goals and they lead me there directly… I’m being taken straight to what I imagined when I pictured myself as a cellist. The instructor’s level of skill as a cellist paired with the solid structure of the school leads me to learn excessively quick.”

– Jonathan L., Google Reviews

What if I need assistance with enrollment?

We’re here to help! When you’re filling out our enrollment form and need assistance, you can:

  • Call us 
  • Text us 
  • Create a support case 

If it’s outside of regular business hours, schedule a call with us at a time that is convenient for you and we’ll meet you there, ready and excited to help get you enrolled!

What if I can’t finish in one sitting?

Registering with us is easy and quick, but if something comes up, no problem! By setting up an account with us during enrollment, we are able to keep your selections saved in our system. So when you come back, your answers will still be there waiting for you to finish. But don’t wait too long! The available lesson times you may see are changing all the time as new students enroll, so the sooner you enroll, the more options you will have. 

What if I want to change the time I set my lessons for?

Don’t worry! Students have access to manage their own reservations online and we even offer a flexible, 24-hour rescheduling policy. 

How does the billing work?

We know you came here to focus on your musical goals, so we take care of the rest! The Membership and Flex Plan come with convenient, recurring billing on the first of each month. Our Prepaid option is a one-time payment until you come back for more lessons.

How can I cancel my music lessons?

We know you’ll love your lessons, see the progress you want, and stick around for a long time. So there’s no need to lock you into any contract. Cancel anytime on or before the 16th day of the month prior to cancellation. Often times, students cancel for temporary reasons and join us again later, so we make it easy to cancel and are happy to welcome you back soon! Read more about our cancellation policy.

Am I able to switch my plan later?

Absolutely! Switch your plan at any time by contacting Client Services or logging into your account and managing your lesson plan.

How long can I expect to be taking lessons?

As you can imagine, this answer will vary heavily depending on your goals and your reasons for taking music lessons. We’ve had students stay with Sage Music for 16 years! We offer more than just lessons though, we’re a community here and we’d love to have you as long as you’d like. 

How long will it take me to see results?

You’ll see results from your very first lesson! We can have you playing a note correctly and sounding good on day one. The only difference from the beginning of your experience as a student to the end is the difficulty of the music you’re learning. 

What’s the next step?

Once enrolled, you’ll not only become part of our state-of-the-art music education program, you’ll become part of the Sage Music family! Welcome! 

The next step is your student onboarding. To help bring you in and get the best results, we will dedicate one hour to learning all about your goals, musical interests, and learning style. Gathering all of this information will allow us to customize your lessons in a way that will help you learn more efficiently and more enthusiastically!

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