Sage Music students achieve 100% acceptance rate to high school music programs

April 18, 2018
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Congratulations to four amazing Sage Music students and their teachers. In March of 2018, our students took auditions into the music programs at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, LaGuardia High School for the Arts, and the Forest Hills High School Music Program. And 100% of our studets were accepted into a program.



Congratulations to our students who passed their music auditions!

Sienna G. - La Guardia High School for the Arts

Sienna G. won entry into LaGuardia High School for the Arts after a great audition.  Sienna really worked hard and put in the time so that she could prepare to a very high level.  Because she planned nearly a year ahead, she had the time to put together all of her music reliably well. This is proof that you can learn anything over a long period of time. You just need to put your mind to it and do the work. Congrats Sienna!

Angelika F. - Forest Hills High School Music Program.

Angelika F. earned a place at the Forest Hills High School Music Program.  While she had only 6 weeks to prepare, she was smart and made a realistic goal that she could attain.  By working toward a reasonable goal, she passed her audition. There is nothing like making smart goals.  Go Angelika!

Sienna G. - La Guardia High School for the Arts

Maryam K. got into LaGuardia, too, because of her focus on the process of practicing.  She concentrated on always making her practice better.  She worked with her teacher to find ever better strategies for learning, which really showed in her audition. This consistency and quality in her practice produced another great outcome.  Congrats Maryam!

Alex I. - Frank Sinatra School of the Arts

Alex I. earned a spot in the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts Summer Program, after years of practicing his clarinet twice a day, every day.  His commitment to practicing daily before and after dinner helped him build a really solid performance. And he reported that he didn’t feel nervous because he was so well prepared. Way to set an example Alex!

Congratulations to our music teachers, for their help in preparing our students

And congratulations to their teachers, Olivia and Michael for helping them to prepare during their voice lessons and clarinet lessons, respectively. They did outstanding work by producing great results in their students.  

I was really grateful to help these students prepare, because I have been through it myself. The Sage Music teacher training really helped me teach these students to make the best use of their time and get great results from their practice. I’m also very proud that we picked music that was appropriate for our students, and that was safe for their level of development. Some programs want students to only do music that sounds impressive. But we picked music that is good for our students, and that will help them grow quickly without risking vocal injury. They all did such great work focusing on the process, and the results really showed.

Olivia G. Sage Music

In addition to helping our students maximize their practice, our teachers helped them create clear attainable goals. Because the goals were all realistic, all of our students achieved them. They created accompaniments for use preparing at home. And we hosted mock auditions to get them ready for their audition experience. It was really a great team effort.

Congratulations to all!

You can pass your music audition, too

Interested in auditioning, too? Read our awesome audition guide! And remember to start early, at least a year in advance for best results.

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