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What keyboard accessories should I buy?

March 18, 2019
Posted in: Piano
What keyboard accessories should I buy?
Once you have selected a piano keyboard, you are going to need a few accessories to be able to practice. This article answers the question “What keyboard accessories should I buy?”


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Choosing the right keyboard accessories

Once you have selected a piano keyboard, you are going to need a few accessories to be able to practice. This article answers the question “What keyboard accessories should I buy?” These are headphones, a music stand, and pedals.

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What headphones should I buy?

Headphones are essential part and you might want to research a little longer before buying the pair. You should be looking for headphones with best qualities which are going to protect your ears after long hours of practicing.

There are a lot of brands out in the market. A friend of mine who is a professional jazz pianist, composer, performer and a recording artist recommended a German brand years ago to me, which is one of the leading companies for microphones, headphones and electric recording devices and headphones.

I have been happy with the brand so you might be interested in checking out Sennheiser for their latest list of products.

What music stand should I buy?

The music stand might sound like the easiest part to decide on but let me tell you, it might be tricky too.

Most of the keyboards will come with a music stand which you can attach directly to the back of your piano keyboard. Sometimes that’s not the best option for you since these stands are made out of plastic. They are very small and short and cannot always can bear the weight or support your music scores. Everything starts falling down, and that’s the last thing you need especially if you are on stage or in a rehearsal.

My advice is to go with the heavy duty music stands. I know they don’t look very pretty but can hold most of the heavy piano music books you will have to play pieces from.  I recommend the Musician’s Gear Heavy Duty Folding Music Stand.

What pedals should I buy?

I must say, pedals are one of the biggest minuses when it comes to keyboard playing. There is nothing you can find as a substitute to the pedals of a real piano.  Nothing works quite the same. My recommendation is that you not spend any time researching or trying to find something great, just use the one that comes with your keyboard, because nothing will live up to the sounds you can produce with the real piano pedals.

What keyboard stand I buy?

If you already purchased a good keyboard, it will be a little heavier than an an average keyboard and you will need extra support from your stand to prevent any wiggly movements or unstable feelings while playing. Most likely the piano keyboard wouldn’t come with the stand included and you will have to order that separately.

I recommend the x stand, or the double support (double x) if you have two keyboards boards, instead of one.

You should consider this double x braced keyboard stand. If not, consider this single braced keyboard stand, even though it is less likely to give  you the support you need.

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