Partner Program

We make it easy for you to help other people learn music.

Sage Music Partner Program

How it works

Step One - Become a Sage Music Partner

  1. Contact us to sign up for yourself or for your organization.
  2. We'll process your application and email you your referral code and instructions.
  3. It's that easy!

Step Two - Promote

  1. Put the referral link and code on your sites, channels, emails and more.
  2. Refer your customers or audience to Sage Music online or in person.
  3. Whoever you refer will get a $50 discount on their first purchase.

Step 3 - We thank you for your referral

  1. For every person who signs up with your code, you'll get $25.
  2. We'll process fees on the first of every month for the prior month's referrals.
  3. If payments exceed $600 in a calendar year, we'll send you a form 1099.
  4. There is no limit on what you can earn.

Would you like to earn money while helping others achieve their musical dreams?

Sage Music® is an award winning music school that transforms students into musicians by giving them a smarter way to learn.

We believe in helping everyone become the best musicians and people that they can be.

Based on the science and psychology of learning - and our founder's inspiring story of relearning music after a devastating brain injury - our Arpeggio® learning system helps students:

  • learn music faster
  • retain information tonger
  • perform at their best
  • gain confidence
  • develop their :skills
  • reach their musical goals.

We'd love to welcome you to our growing community. And we'd love to help your contacts and audience grow as musicians, reach their musical goals, and see the Sage Music difference for themselves.

With your help, we can help even more people learn to play music at their best. So join us today and be a part of the music lesson revolution!

my experience has simply been amazing .. Thank you Jeremy and team for making one of my dreams come true in a very short space of time

Lisa Ramjattan Google Reviews

Our Stellar Students

Because of the excellence of our program, our students include:

  • Absolute beginners
  • Emmy Award winners
  • Saturday Night Live cast
  • Broadway performers
  • Hobbyists
  • Aspiring professionals
  • And anyone who wants to learn music well.

Our students have produced their own albums, won major awards, gained admission to major conservatories and specialized high scnools, improved

their professional performing skills, or just gained conidence, skill, and learned to rock out.

Convenient Locations

Our students take lessons at our New York City and San Antonio locations. Or they take lessons online. They come to us from 44 US States, 17 countries, and counting!

We've even had students fly to our NY location from as far as Florida and Washington State just to take lessons with us.

Proven Methods in our Progressive Music Lessons

Our exceptional lessons and classes are taught with our science backed Arpeggio® lesson system by our expertly trained music teachers. These are just two of many reasons students stay with us 3x longer than other music schools.

I am surprised and thrilled with the progress I'm making. In all, I'm very happy with the Sage Music School, my teacher, and the school's administrative team.

Mark Rosen Google Reviews

How it works for your audience or customers

We know you would never promote a product you didn't believe in. And we believe that your people should have an experience just as easy as yours.

Here is how your audience will experience the program.

Sage Music Student playing guitar in recital

1. See the offer

  • Your client sees your offer
  • Your client contacts Sage Music
  • or they navigate to the Sage Music website

2. Redeem and Save

  • The referral code is captured in a cookie or manually entered at checkout.
  • The client saves money on their first purchase, thanks to you.

3. Learn

Your contact will take their complimentary student onbarding

  • Then they'll start to learn using our proprietary Arpeggio® lesson system
  • They'll acheive their musical goals.

By all means, if there was a higher than 5 stars rating I could give to Sage, I would!

Panagiotis Zagaliotis Google Reviews


  • Offer applies to new students only
  • Offer applies to purchases of $150 or more
  • Student may have not already used your code
  • The referral code must not be expired


We recommend giving your audience your referral code and a link to our site. If your user has cookies enabled, we'll be able to store your code as a cookie for later use. When they fill out any form on our site, we'll capture the code and store it.

In the case that your user does not have cookies enabled, they will need to present their code in order to receive their discount. We offer them a discount to encourage them to use the code so that you will get your referral fee.

When your application is approved, we'll send you more detailed directions.

Contact us to become a partner today.