Elizabeth (Liz) Ramirez

Clarinet Teacher NYC

Elizabeth (Liz) Ramirez, a native of Queens, New York, is a seasoned performer and a dedicated clarinet teacher.  She has performed internationally as a clarinet soloist and ensemble player, notably with Imani Winds, the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, and The New York City Chamber Orchestra.  She also doubles on the saxophone, and flute.  With her solid performance history, Liz has the background and experience to help students of any level reach their musical goals.

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Liz also has a passion for teaching clarinet lessons in NYC. She is a strong believer in teaching music beyond just the basics of technique and prefers to show students how to apply what they learn in music to everything in life in a not so everyday New York City.

Liz prides herself on the unique level of instruction she can provide at Sage Music as opposed to teaching privately in the home. She loves that recitals and school events offer the opportunity for her students to perform music they have practiced with her, and the support, training, and guidance that the school provides to her. It’s the team effort between the teacher, the school, and the student that really makes clarinet lessons a success.

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In addition to the clarinet, Liz also teaches recorder, flute, and saxophone lessons at our two locations in Queens, and Brooklyn, New York.  Besides music, Liz also spends her time as a photographer, reading, and goofing around with her Siberian husky.

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