Music Lessons Online

NOT Your Ordinary Online Music Lesson

If you’ve experience low-quality music lessons in the past – on YouTube, online or in person – then you’ll be happy to know that you just stumbled across the #1 science-based lesson program. Our 1-on-1 program is personalized to meet your needs while working with your strengths and weaknesses… no matter your age.

The knowledge of dozens of professional musicians will be right at your fingertips. You’ll be performing, writing or recording in no time.

How It All Began. Meet Our Founder,  Jason Sagebiel.

Jason Sagebiel is not like any music teacher you may have encountered before. After suffering a traumatic brain injury in the Iraq war, his cognitive and motor skills were left impaired. He turned to music during his recovery and coincidentally began the next chapter in his life, as a music teacher.

Inspired by the research and therapy that helped him to recover from his injuries, he developed a pedagogy and approach to learning and teaching music using techniques based on the science and psychology of learning.

His inspiring story has been documented on TV, radio, and in two books: Jon Pieslak’s SoundTargets, and J. Martin Daughtry’s Listening To War.

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