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Why I Chose to be a Piano Teacher at Sage

Dec. 24, 2012
Posted in: Piano
A look into a piano teacher's perspective on teaching at Sage Music.



Why I chose to be a piano teacher at Sage Music

To answer the question of why I chose to be a piano teacher at Sage Music I have to begin with how I know the founder.

I came to study in New York in 2004. there were very exiting and inspiring years for me. Coming from Sofia, Bulgaria, straight after I finished my bachelor degree in piano performance, everything in New York was new and exciting.  I started to work on my master’s degree at the Aaron Copland School of Music and that’s where I met Jason.

Through out the years we get to work on couple of projects together and collaborate with great players as well. Being an active classical musician requires experience in more than one field. It’s a creative art which gives you the chance to communicate with a variety of different people. You share on the stage. You share in the rehearsal room. You share in the recording studios. You share when you teach. This connection - and being able to execute it well - is what is expected from creative artists.

It is difficult to live in such challenging yet interesting times all the while trying to fulfill these expectations. It is also difficult to cherish your passion without letting it die. Creating music as well as teaching and inspiring people who want to learn to play music always takes team work. This involves both learning to play the instrument and learning to know yourself and others.

These are some of the many reasons why I chose to teach at Sage.

At Sage, all the teachers are not only experienced tutors but experienced performers as well - which I consider very important for every music educator.

At Sage, we get to share and create- which makes being a professional musician such a great experience.

At Sage, there is a community of teamwork between the students and the teachers. There is not only a working atmosphere but also a creative one that promotes growth and sustains creative passion.

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