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How to get the guitar pick out of your guitar

March 31, 2013
Posted in: Guitar
Follow three simple steps to get your guitar pick out of your guitar: hold, flip, and drop!


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Question: "Help! My pick is stuck inside my guitar!"

Answer: I’ve seen a lot of people trying to get their guitar picks out of their guitar, and it often takes them forever. They try to get it out several times, hoping it works.  Hope hasn’t changed much for me, but doing things does!

I’m sure you are busy like me, and its hard to find enough practice time. So why waste time trying to fish your pick out of your guitar?  Well, I guess that you could leave it, but that would be a lot of picks making noise down there in the bottom of your guitar.  Instead, I’ll show you the smarter way to get your pick out.

How to get a pick out of a guitar

Get your pick out of your guitar the first time, every time!

1. Hold the pick with a pencil

Holding the pick in place with pencil.

Hold the guitar pick against the back of the guitar with your finger or a pencil. Make sure it is centered in the soundhole.

2. Flip the guitar

Pick is still held in place with the guitar flipped over.

Flip the guitar over so that the pick is right above the soundhole.

3. Drop the pick out

With the pick above the soundhole, simply let go of the pencil and drop the pick.
Easy. The guitar pick is out.

Let go of the pick so that it falls down through the sound hole.

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