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Disruption in Music Education: Make A Career in Music Teaching

Jan. 25, 2022
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Disruption in Music Education: Make A Career in Music Teaching
You love music. You want to share your music with others. You want to give others the same great skills and memories you gained from learning music. You want to become a music teacher.



What is the state of the music teaching industry today?

You spend years studying an instrument or two. You get great at it and maybe even earn some scholarships. You go to college, maybe even earn some scholarships, graduate… and then what? 

You love music. You want to share your music with others. You want to give others the same great skills and memories you gained from learning music. You want to become a music teacher.

The problem is… How can you survive and earn a living wage as a music teacher? The industry is chock full of people that would love to be music teachers, but public and private schools have limited availability and budget. 

In addition, those jobs are full of administrative headaches, not to mention politics, and often you have classrooms full of kids who don’t actually want to be there.

Idea: You Could Teach at a Music School

So you join up with a music school and spend your evenings teaching others. Great, right? The American Dream… except you are a contractor, not an employee. 

You are replaceable. 

Sure, you get to set your own hours, and that gives you some freedom, but you aren’t assigned many students if you aren’t always available. So you have to take a second, third, or fourth job to pay the bills. Is that really freedom? 

Words like stability, security, benefits, or retirement savings are not in the vocabulary of a music teacher at most music schools.

Idea: You Could Open Your Own Music Business/School

Time to set up shop and build your own music business tutoring and being a music teacher. Great idea! 

Except… Now you have to hustle for students, compete with the thousands of other teachers thinking the same thing. How do you stand out? 

Now you find that you don’t have the time to do what you love – teaching music – because you are spending all of your time managing the business. The constant stress of whether you can find enough students to make a living, much less a future, is daunting. 

You have little to no experience running a business.  What do you need to do? How do you manage hours, taxes, marketing, sales, or even something small like building a website? 

That is not what you wanted to spend your time on. You are not teaching music, but you can’t avoid those things. They have to be done – and done well – if you are to compete against everyone else and attract good students. 

This might be a solution for a few but is it for you?

What if you COULD make a career out of being a music teacher and only doing what you love?

Cello and Music Notes

The Sage Music® Disruption

What if you COULD make a career out of teaching music? What if you were offered stability, security, medical, dental, and vision benefits all at a company that cares about you. Imagine if there was a matching 401K offered for your retirement? Those are things that musicians are never offered, right? Wrong.

It’s A New World in Music

Sage Music has discovered a way to give music teachers a future – a comfortable and secure future – by doing what they love… teaching music to others. 

Sage Music has approached an unregulated industry and brought standardization, comfort, security, and credibility to the way music teaching SHOULD be done. They do this by creating structure, professionalism, and taking care of their teachers. Their technology, administration, and ARPEGGIO® lesson system allow you to focus on teaching, all while getting the security and benefits that most people expect in any other job. Thus, Sage Music has created a stable career for music teachers to join. 

Teacher-focused? Yes, take care of your teachers, and they will take care of their students. Pretty common sense, right?


Sage Music thinks so.

I remember working at 4 different music schools with only a handful of students at each of them. Doing concert gigs on Friday nights, rock band gigs on Saturday nights, and weddings on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Plus teaching part-time during the weekdays at the college. At some point, I realized I couldn’t do anything really well, because I was being pulled in a million different directions. I was so tired. Working so many hours a week. Driving between gigs. Trying to get paid from the gigs. Making lesson plans. Plus practicing for countless hours more! I had no job security. No health insurance. And as a result, I couldn’t really focus on my students and their needs. That’s when I knew I needed something better. If I could just have some stability, and not so many jobs, I could really focus and take care of my students. So I looked for a school that could offer me that, but I couldn’t find one anywhere, because one didn’t exist. So we built it.

Sage Music Founder, Jason Sagebiel

This shift in the approach to music grants a huge benefit to the industry as a whole. Sage Music has implemented improved teaching techniques and advanced technology to streamline and improve student management and satisfaction in their progress. This makes teaching others easier and cleaner with fewer headaches as a teacher. It helps you stay organized and fruitful. 

You can then impart that fruitfulness to your students. It attracts more people who want to learn because they see the progress they are making thanks to your impact on their lives. 

The industry average time a student spends with a teacher is three months. Sage Music boasts a TEN-month retention rate. Three times longer than anyone else in the country!

A Full-time Career in Music

Do you want to put down your instrument for some menial job? Or, do you want to thrive, making good money doing what you love with the security of a future you can retire on?

Are you one of those people? Does this excite you as much as it does me? 

Apply today, because Sage Music is hiring career-minded music teachers now!

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