Sage Music San Antonio - Photo Tour

Sept. 6, 2023
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Sage Music San Antonio - Photo Tour
A brief photo tour of our San Antonio music school.


Table of contents
Sage Music Concert Stage
The Sage Music concert stage is equipped with a Steinway M Grand piano, with a full sound system, and audio visual capabilities.
Sage Music Waiting Room Lounge
Sage Music's waiting room is comfortable and spacious. Coffee shop and community events space is planned for 2024.
Sage Music waiting room with stairs and art
Sage Music, though in a historic, landmark building, has modern aesthetics and is full of contemporary art.
Sage Music San Antonio Steinway teaching room
Our teaching rooms are full of fine instruments, like this Steinway K, and modern technology which supports our students learning in our unique Arpeggio® lesson system.
Sage Music Community
Sage Music is built on community. Please join us!
Ensemble Room
Our group ensemble room allows for groups classes and ensembles of up to 25 students.
Open House Violin Lesson
San Antonio Open House Drum Lesson
San Antonio Strings Lessons
Trumpet Teacher San Antonio
Evie in the office
Nik at the piano
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