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A Musical Education Like No Other

July 14, 2018
Why Sage Music?


Founder & CEO | Sage Music


It’s Jason Sagebiel, founder of Sage Music, which is the only music school in the United States that teaches you everything you need to know about the instrument of your choice, and, or too become the singer you have always wanted to be…

Using our unique, scientifically based… and highly acclaimed Arpeggio® music lesson system.

When it comes to teaching music in all its glorifying splendor, all of us here at Sage Music are changing the culture and quality of music education in the US.

We enable students from all backgrounds and skill sets to be happy, successful musicians.

When you become a Sage student, you are taught to be a creative, critical thinker, who is then taught and encouraged to become the best version of yourself you can be.

We do this because we firmly believe possibilities are endless and diligence is rewarded.

The Sage difference:

We have had a number of students walk in our doors who have taken music lessons on a trial basis at other schools.

Less than satisfied, they then visit us at Sage Music and stay with us for years.


Without exception they tell us the staff and teachers at Sage Music sincerely care about them as individuals, which they feel makes the learning experience far superior to other schools, producing genuine progress faster and easier.

They also tell us the space is better, the community is supportive and all around great, and of course… Sage teachers rock.

The following is a clear example of why Sage Music should be your only school of choice.

Because of the thorough teacher training, I was able to help Alex I. achieve his audition goals within just a few short weeks of being hired at Sage Music. Alex auditioned and successfully made it into the Frank Sinatra Summer Arts Institute. The teacher training paired with the use of ARPEGGIO® helped us hone in on his goals and quickly assess what we had to do to achieve them. Additionally, because of ARPEGGIO®, we were able to establish a comfortable student-teacher relationship right away, and we are fast becoming friends.

Michael C. Sage Music Woodwinds Instructor

My experience with Sage Music has been amazing. Jason and his team provides service that is above and beyond. They are willing to adapt and listen to your needs. They are passionate with what they do and it truly shows. My 5-year-old daughter took piano lessons for over 6 months. I have to give all the credit to Sage Music for building the confidence in her as she now plays independently without much help. I’m impressed with the technique taught by Sage despite the little fingers she has…. the keystrokes are very precise. Thank you.

Avelyn H. Sage Music Parent

My teacher training with Sage Music gave me some excellent strategies on how to simplify the learning process to help my student achieve her goal faster.

Julian H. Sage Music Piano Instructor

It comes down to this.

If you want to play music and play it well, come join us and become a member of the Sage Music Family!

Our goal is nothing less than to help you become a Sage Musician, a Sage Practitioner.

In case you are not sure…. 'Sage' means Astute, Insightful, Intelligent, Sharp.

At Sage Music we offer you a smarter way to learn music.

So, if you want to be successful, and you also want to be smart about the way you work… Sage has got you covered.

If you have ever had even a smidgen of desire to:

  • Play a musical instrument
  • Gain entrance into a prestigious school of music
  • Sing
  • Read music
  • Improve on your current level of skill or are a beginner
  • Play or sing professionally…
  • Or pursue your musical desire just for the fun of it…

Call us now @ (833) 537-0680

When you enroll…

  1. As a student… You receive customized lessons designed around your own personal goals and preferences. We sit down with you and make concrete goals based on your own preferences. We then design a lesson program around achieving your goals. At Sage, it’s about enabling you to be the best person and musician you can be…and there are no group sessions…only one on one personal lessons.
  2. At Sage…We care about you as an individual. There are no group programs that force you into a box, and there are no methods that require you to learn exactly the same music as everyone else. We want you to succeed, no matter what you want to achieve.
  3. Exclusively, available only at Sage…The ARPEGGIO® lesson framework. Sage Music is the only school in the nation that has a proven method that ensures you will have an excellent music lesson and top-notch customer service, each and every time.
  4. Another Exclusive… is the Sage music teacher training system – Sage Music is the only school that trains its teachers in depth, so that you as a student not only get the benefit of your teacher’s knowledge (they have advanced degrees in music), but you can be certain that your teacher knows exactly… how to teach you for maximum progress, ease, and happiness.
  5. A structured and progressive system – Lesson Logging – Every Sage teacher makes detailed notes on every lesson you take, so that they can meticulously prepare for your specific needs, and maintain a careful track record of your progress. This ensures that you, as well as other students, consistently receive quality lessons, assistance, and over-all impeccable instruction and service.
  6. Instructor Oversight – Most music schools hire anyone who can play music to teach. Then, they let them teach with no training, and with no oversight. On the other hand, Sage Music teachers are evaluated monthly, and challenged to grow as teachers much the same way you are challenged to grow as a musician.
  7. On-going Musical Growth and Support – Unlike other music schools who have a rinse and repeat teaching formula, the ARPEGGIO® lesson system we have perfected at Sage Music isn’t like Suzuki or Orff, which are a century old. You see, ARPEGGIO® will never get old. Our method of teaching is a superior system that has been designed and structured in a way and manner that does, and will consistently, as well as continually improve to the benefit of you, our students and teachers alike.

So today, I’m pleased to once again let you know…

Due to the overwhelming response we have received, Sage Music has limited space for additional new students… but you’ll have to act quickly!

Give us a call at (833) 537-0680.

Remember… numbers are limited… call today.

Jason Sagebiel
MTNA Nationally Certified Teacher of Music

Founder, Sage Music

P.S. Just think how much easier and fulfilling your life will be when you finally make your musical dreams come true.

Today you have an unprecedented opportunity to make it happen in a way that is easier than anything you can imagine. Although we all want them… the odds tell us that a second chance at the things we want most in life doesn’t present itself very often…

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