We are very excited to announce that our brilliant student, Anastia Johnson, has won first place at the Amateur Night at the historic Apollo Theater’s “Making A Star competition in New York City! Anastia is committed to improving herself as a person and as a musician, making voice lessons a priority: her recent win is a great indicator of the excellent work she is doing.


Anastia resides in Miami and works her flight schedule out so that she is able to taking singing lessons with us on a weekly basis in NYC. Her voice teacher Mary has been duly impressed with Anastia’s commitment.  Mary notes “Anastia really values her music, and thoughtfully prioritizes what is really important to her.  While she has a hectic schedule as a flight attendant, she uses the opportunity to perform in as many cities as possible to improve her performing abilities. She sometimes even warms up for her concerts in the stairwells of airports when there is little time before her shows, and still always manages to get to NYC once a week for her lessons!”


Mary and Anastia have been working on preparing for performances, strengthening Anastia’s upper register, tone, and technique.   They’ve also spent a bit of time working on Anastia’s original music which you can hear on her website: http://anastiamusic.com/

Keep up the great work, Anastia, we hope to see many more great things come from you!