Piano Lessons in Queens, NYC

  • piano lessons based on your goals
  • individual attention
  • conveniently located near the E,F,G,M,N,R,W,7 trains in Long Island City, Queens, NY
  • make fast progress with our ARPEGGIO® lesson system
  • perform with others in our musical community
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Piano Lessons in Queens to Suit Every Level

Piano lessons are the most popular course at our school in Long Island City, Queens. Perhaps it’s the versatility of the piano to play many diverse styles of music, or maybe it’s the ease to play the piano that makes it so popular. Maybe it’s the piano’s grand sound, or the centuries of great music written for it. No matter what makes the piano popular, or why you want to learn it, we are committed to providing you with the best possible piano lessons in Queens.

Learn on a Quality Piano

We know how important it is to study on a quality instrument, so our school is equipped with top-quality pianos.  We have Steinway K and Steinway M pianos that are regularly tuned and maintained by Big Wrench Piano Care to keep them in optimal shape, and to keep you sounding your best. Having a quality instrument removes the physical barriers to playing, making it easy for you to learn the piano.

We also strongly suggest that you have a quality piano or keyboard at home to practice on.   If you don’t have one, let us know, and we can help you find the right instrument for you.

  • I am an adult currently taking piano lessons at Sage Music. So far my experience has been just great . I am learning so much, because my teacher is a very skilled musician, and is very patient with me. I am truly enjoying my classes, and I love the atmosphere at the school. I look forward to going there every Saturday. I recommend this school for anyone looking to take piano lessons.

    Stephen S.


  • Instead of learning songs, we’ll teach you the skills you need to play any song. Our goal is to enable and empower you
  • Our piano lessons are customized for your individual goals
  • Our trained piano teachers will help you make consistent and steady progress with our ARPEGGIO™  lesson system
  • Monthly concerts, recitals, and events will give you the opportunity to meet others just like you
  • Sage Music’s warm and inviting atmosphere will make you feel welcome, no matter your skill level

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Study with Awesome Piano Teachers

All of our piano teachers hold music performance or music education degrees, and have been trained in Sage Music’s pioneering music education philosophy. We invest in each and every of our teachers because we want them to be the best piano teacher that they can be. When we invest in them, they can in turn invest in you and enable you to be the best pianist and person that you can be.

Adults Are Welcome To Learn Piano, Too!

We offer piano lessons for everyone at our piano school in Queens. We especially welcome and encourage adults to take lessons at our school. We have many adult amateurs and beginners, as well as professional musicians and producers who are refining their piano skills.

Piano Lessons for Children

Children are also welcome at our school. We love to help the youngest piano students get started with music, and ensure that they are doing things right from the very beginning.  There are some special considerations when teaching young students. Sage Music’s piano teachers are trained and supervised to ensure that they are providing lessons that are appropriate for your child’s age, experience, and level of development.

Our piano lessons are offered at our welcoming facility in Long Island City.  The school is walking distance to every subway line in Queens. You can also reach our piano school via car, bus, and the LIRR.


Discover the best rates for piano lessons with starting price from $207 tuition per month including 4 private lessons. The cost includes monthly concerts, recitals and another opportunities to meet likeminded people for no additional fees. Find the best prices for lessons that suit your individual needs in welcome and friendly atmosphere that guarantee proven results now.

You can take advantage of all of the unique resources available at Sage Music for one low monthly fee. When you sign up for our monthly package, you will receive 4 private weekly lessons with our expertly trained faculty so that you make steady progress toward your individual goals. Lessons are given in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that guarantee you proven results. Rates start at $207 per month. And yes, there is more! You will also receive admission to our concerts, recitals, workshops, masterclasses, and other events so that you can take advantage of additional learning opportunities, perfect your performance skills, and meet other musicians just like you.

Piano lessons are offered at our Long Island City, Queens, NY location

No matter what your goals and aspirations, we would be delighted to help you achieve them.