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Group Music Classes for Children

We believe that private lessons offer your child the best chance at success. However some children are too young for private study like piano lessons, or vocal training. So we offer group music classes for kids 3 and up designed for their specific needs at their age.

In teaching music for children we carefully consider what each child learns, as well as how they learn it. It’s about helping children grow at the edge of their developmental ability, and helping them to grow just a little further.

Many parents appreciate the extra value of our school’s in depth training. These children are at an age where this training becomes crucial to many life skills such as the ability to work well with others and self-control.

We offer two specialized group music classes for kids in NYC to build their musical foundation and prepare them for future music study.

The Musical Beginnings class is for children 3 to 5-years old and  Introduction to Musical Instruments is designed  for children 6 to 12-years old.

These group classes will:

Classes are offered at both our Queens and Brooklyn, New York City locations.

Musical Beginnings

Musical Beginnings

Musical Beginnings is a class designed especially for three to five-year-old children who are too young for instrumental study. It is designed to push them to grow at the correct developmental place for their age.

Introduction to Musical Instruments

Kid playing drumset

Introduction to Musical Instruments is a class designed for students 6-12 years who are about to begin their musical journey, but are not yet sure of which instrument they would like to study.