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This event finished on 30 October 2021

    Why should your child join us at one of our Student Sharing Hours?

    • Because they’ll have fun!
    • They can practice performing music for others
    • They’ll meet other Sage Music students and staff

    How to sign up for Student Sharing Hour

    You’ve got two easy options.

    When are Student Sharing Hours?

    Student Sharing Hour is every Saturday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. EST.

    Where is the Student Sharing Hour?

    Due to COVID-19, our Student Sharing Hour is happening online. Join us!

    What are the Student Sharing Hour themes about?

    Sharing Hours have a theme once per month.

    Note: The themes are just for fun! Your child can still attend and perform, even if they don’t have a themed song or piece.

    2021 Student Sharing Hour Theme Schedule

    Saturday, February 27Animals
    Saturday, March 27Spring & Nature
    Saturday, April 24Holidays
    Saturday, May 29Outer space
    Saturday, June 26Disney
    Saturday, July 31Fantasy
    Saturday, September 25Silly songs
    Saturday, October 30Creepy, frightening music
    Saturday, November 20Magic