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How to disassemble your clarinet

Feb. 1, 2023
Posted in: Clarinet
It's just as easy as putting your clarinet together, with a few extra considerations.



After you practice, or at the end of your clarinet lessons, you should take apart your clarinet and clean it. This will prevent damage from moisture or contaminants. It will also prevent your clarinet from getting accidentally knocked over or otherwise damaged.

How to disassemble your clarinet

Equipment: clarinet, case
Supplies: cleaning swab

During assembly you worked from the bottom to the top of the clarinet. In disassembly you’ll do the opposite, working from top to bottom.

1. Remove the ligature.

Gently unscrew and remove the ligature. Be careful not to chip the reed.

2. Remove the reed.

Carefully take off your reed and place it back into its plastic sleeve or reed case.

3. Remove the mouthpiece.

Separate the mouthpiece from the barrel using a twisting motion.

4. Store your mouthpiece.

Place the ligature back on the mouthpiece, slip the mouthpiece cap on the mouthpiece, and then place them back inside the case.

5. Clean the clarinet.

At this point, especially if you just had a long practice session, you should clean your clarinet. Grab your swab, and feed the end with the string and weight into the clarinet’s bell; flip it over to pull the string out. Do this as many times as is necessary to dry the clarinet.

6. Remove the barrel.

Twist off the barrel from the upper joint and place it in your case.

7. Remove the upper joint.

Twist off the upper joint. Again, be mindful so that you don’t damage the keys and connecting parts. Place the upper joint in your case.

8. Separate the bell and lower joint.

Twist apart the bell and lower joint and place them in your case.

Excellent work! Your clarinet is now taken apart and safely stored. In case you missed it, learn how to put your clarinet together.

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