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Breathing Muscles and Singing
March 25, 2019

Breathing Muscles and Singing - How do they work? As mentioned in a previous blog post, breathing is the foundation for... Read More
Improving Your Singing Voice Part 1: Singing Posture
January 28, 2015

Singing Posture Welcome to the Sage Music eLearning series. In this video series, I’m going to take you through some basic principles…

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Operetta: A Stepping Stone to Opera
May 1, 2013

Americans have a great love for musical theatre, however many people are wary about delving into the more complex world of... Read More
Clarinet and Piano teacher Asuka Elias
What Should I Wear For My NYSSMA Audition? Finding the Right Performance Audition Attire
April 18, 2013

It’s NYSSMA season, and all over NY State, kids are prepping their scales, sight-reading skills and selected solo pieces to show... Read More
Singing While Sick: Tips for Dealing with Illness
April 11, 2013

Singing While Sick Have to sing, but feeling under the weather? While a piano or clarinet cannot be struck by a... Read More
How Young Is Too Young For Voice Lessons?
April 1, 2013

How Young Is Too Young For Voice Lessons? Many parents are surprised when I tell them that I usually do not... Read More
What is Falsetto Singing in the Male Voice?
February 28, 2013

In the male singing voice, there is a technical aspect known as falsetto singing, which I have received a number of... Read More
What is Belting?
February 4, 2013

What is Belting? How many times have you heard the phrase, “she was really belting out that song!” (or something similar).... Read More
The Passaggio: An Important Part of the Singing Voice
January 24, 2013

In my previous blog, I discussed the presence of different vocal registers in the singing voice. These were broken down into... Read More
Vocal Registers (aka “what’s with the break in my voice?”)
January 17, 2013

Many people who study voice (or who have simply sung and paid attention) have noticed that they experience sensations in different... Read More
Vocal Masterclasses: The Song Continues at Carnegie Hall
January 14, 2013

Being a musician is a constant learning process, and a dedicated musician should always be on the lookout for new ideas…

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A voice teacher’s review of Les Miserables
January 8, 2013

In this review of Les Miserables, Voice Teacher Stefanie Izzo provides an in-depth look at vocal and dramatic elements in the... Read More
Maintaining a Healthy Singing Voice- Tips for Winter (and other) Weather
December 22, 2012

Maintaining a Healthy Singing Voice Tips for Winter (and other) Weather As the cold weather season approaches, we singers have to... Read More
Music and Healing: Thoughts after the Sandy Hook Shootings
December 19, 2012

Music and Healing: Thoughts after the Sandy Hook Shootings Music is powerful stuff. Most people can attest to this. In times…

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Breathing for Singing: Breath as a Cycle
November 8, 2012

A key element to remember in breathing for singing is that breathing is a cycle. There is no stopping point, no end or beginning, but an ongoing, continued process that should never be interrupted. The interchange of intake and expulsion of breath make up this cycle.

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