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By: Andrew Flippo

What is an Outsider Musician?
June 13, 2022

Are You an Outsider with Your Music? In any art form, there’s always the fringe, the edges of what we are…

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The Reverberant History of Woodwinds
June 6, 2022

The best musical instruments act as an extension of our bodies. Examples of woodwind instruments are the flute, clarinet, and saxophone.... Read More
The Percussive History of Drums
May 23, 2022

We are born with a drum within our chests. Our hearts give us a sense of rhythm before we can even…

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8 Reasons You Are NOT Growing as a Teacher at Your Music School
February 2, 2022

Music school owners around the country are mostly musicians that struck out on their own and grew their student base to…

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Disruption in Music Education: Make A Career in Music Teaching
January 25, 2022

What is the state of the music teaching industry today? You spend years studying an instrument or two. You get great…

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