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Guitar Lessons in NYC

[box]Sage Music Student Ari V. Having worked with 4 different teachers before meeting Jason, I knew from the beginning he was different. I was amazed by his attention to detail and the passion that he was showing for my progress from day one. There might be a lot of guitar teachers out there but Jason put me on the path to becoming a true musician, and there is a huge difference between the two. Jason is more than a teacher to me, I consider him a mentor. Many of the principles that I was taught in class I was able to apply to different aspects of my life. Thanks Jason! – Ari V. reviewing his guitar lessons in nyc at Sage Music. [/box]

Jason Responds

Thanks, Ari, for the wonderful review! I am glad that you were able to apply some things that you learned in your guitar lessons to other aspects of your life. I think that it is important that you are not just learning music, but the skills that you need to play music. That is also an important difference. I also believe that the skills you need to be successful at guitar, or music in general, are often the same skills that will make you successful in other pursuits, too. This is one of the reasons that I really love to teach! I’d be happy to hear from you about how you applied those skills to the other areas of your life. Would you mind sharing that with us?