Jason Sagebiel

Guitar, Composition, and Pedagogy Teacher NYC

Jason Sagebiel, Founder, Sage Music School

Critically acclaimed artist and MTNA Nationally Certified guitar teacher Jason Sagebiel, founded Sage Music in 2012. Thus, the school was born from Sagebiel’s powerful personal story and is based on his unique teaching philosophy.

While serving with the U.S. Marine Corp., as a scout-sniper in Iraq, Sagebiel sustained a brain injury that would haunt and debilitate him. As he tried to rebuild his life upon his return home from the war, Sagebiel turned to music to heal. When he could not get access to proper healthcare, he began rehabilitating himself through disciplined guitar practice. With utmost determination, Sagebiel retaught himself guitar, and in the process, regained his cognitive and musical abilities. Hence, the transformative benefits of music have become one of Sagebiel’s specialties in addition to teaching pedagogy, guitar lessons, theory and composition.

“I got into teaching after sustaining a brain injury while serving in Iraq,” says Sagebiel. “There was very little therapy available at the time so I had to take care of my own recovery. I immersed myself in the study of how the brain learns, and the science and psychology of learning. It was through my own self-healing and recovery that I discovered how to help others through music with this new found knowledge of the learning process. Turning my traumatic injury into something positive and helping others is truly rewarding.”

Jason takes pride in having founded a different type of music school that provides immense benefits to its students. Of particular value is the school’s commitment to training and supervising its staff so that they are continually improving their teaching. Sagebiel received much media acclaim for his work teaching students at Sage Music, and his performances. In 2014, Sage was recognized by the  U.S. Small Business Administration with the Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year Award. In 2015, NY 1 News profiled the school as a great place to “learn how to make beautiful music in New York City”.

Sagebiel is also the conductor and director of the NYC Guitar Orchestra, faculty at the City University of New York, and is published by EarthSongs. He is also featured in two books: Jon Pieslak’s SoundTargets and J. Martin Daughtry’s Listening To War.

While space in Jason’s schedule is very limited, he insists on making space to continue teaching guitar lessons and composition at the schools two locations in Queens and Brooklyn, New York.

Music school founder Jason Sagebiel shares his story and passion for music

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Sound Targets:
American Soldiers and Music in the Iraq War

Jonathan Pieslak


Listening To War:
Sound, Music, Trauma, and Survival in Wartime Iraq
J. Martin Daughtry

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