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The flexible, voice-like tone of the saxophone has made it a prominent jazz instrument since the birth of jazz. At Sage Music, our teachers are here to help you learn to fine tune and control the bright and penetrating sound the saxophone produces, whether you want to play jazz, classical, or popular music on the instrument.

Sage Music offers private saxophone lessons in Queens and Brooklyn, New York with the finest and most dedicated instructors, committed to your growth as a musician, and as a person. We look at almost every conceivable area of learning the saxophone and music, so you can learn to play quickly and proficiently. For example, students will focus on tone production to play beautifully, the technique involved to play effortlessly, and how to practice so that you make the most of your practice time outside of your lessons.

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Saxophone Teachers

  • All of our saxophone teachers in Queens and Brooklyn have earned at least a Master’s degree in music, and have been trained in Sage Music’s unique teaching methods and philosophy.
  • What’s more is that they are passionate teachers, who teach because they love it! They will teach you how to play the saxophone in your classes, but will also tailor their lessons specifically to you and your needs.
  • You will benefit from a personalized lesson plan that helps you shore up your weaknesses in an encouraging manner, and helps you to solidify your strengths.
  • We aren’t satisfied unless we are teaching you the best saxophone lessons in NYC.

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