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The Sage Student

Do you want to save time, learn music faster, creatively express yourself, eliminate your nerves and play music with confidence?

The Sage Student gives you the skills you need to learn any music quickly and well. No matter your level, and no matter your talent, these tools will make you an awesome, capable musician in less time. Guaranteed.

What you’ll learn in the Sage® Student

What you'll learn in the Sage Student
Learn how to learn better for maximum musical progress

Is the Sage Student for me?

Play Music Better, With Confidence

The Sage Student is designed for serious students who want to play music well. The concepts in this course can be used by musicians of any level, even pros, to learn more deeply, to make more progress in less time, to reduce performance anxiety, and to elevate your music making. By improving your skills, building solid habits and forming stronger memories, you’ll be more free than ever to concentrate on being creative and expressive. And to reach your personal musical goals.

Save Time, Achieve More

But most importantly, this course will save you time. That’s right. The #1 issue musicians face is not having enough time to practice. By knowing how to practice better, you’ll get more done in less time.

The Sage Student Course Goals

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