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A member of the percussion group, drums are the world’s oldest and most ubiquitous musical instruments. Drums are often the heart of any music with a strong rhythm. Learning rhythm is certainly important, but we also train our drummers in all of the other elements of music such as melody, color, harmony, and form. We want you to be a complete musician, not a technician.

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Since drums are almost always used in band and  ensemble situations, it is important for drummers to learn how to play music in a collective setting. It isn’t possible to be a solid drummer unless you know how to work well with other musicians, how to accentuate the form, or make space for the vocals or a solo. For this reason we provide opportunities for our drummers to work with other musicians at the many concerts, recitals and performances at our studio.  We aren’t satisfied unless we are offering you the best drum lessons NYC has to offer.

Although there are many self-taught drummers out there, the best way to learn how to play the drums is by taking lessons with drummers that are active in our music communities and know the benefits of proper training that can make all the difference in your music career.  We offer classes at our two studio locations in Long Island City, Queens, and in Greenpoint/Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

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Discover the best rates for drum lessons with starting price from $185 tuition per month including 4 private lessons. The cost includes monthly concerts, recitals and another opportunities to meet likeminded people for no additional fees. Find the best prices for lessons that suit your individual needs in welcome and friendly atmosphere that guarantee proven results now.

You can take advantage of all of the unique resources available at Sage Music for one low monthly fee. When you sign up for our monthly package, you will receive 4 private weekly lessons with our expertly trained faculty so that you make steady progress toward your individual goals. Lessons are given in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that guarantee you proven results. Rates start at $185 per month. And yes, there is more! You will also receive admission to our concerts, recitals, workshops, masterclasses, and other events so that you can take advantage of additional learning opportunities, perfect your performance skills, and meet other musicians just like you.

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