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Beginner or Expert Sage Music is the Perfect Music School to Reach Your Goals

Oct. 19, 2019
Beginner or Expert Sage Music is the Perfect Music School to Reach Your Goals
Some music schools or teachers lack that versatility and may focus only on teaching beginner students or only offer music education up to certain levels. That isn’t the case at Sage Music.


Founder & CEO | Sage Music

Music Lessons for Beginners, Experts and Everyone In Between

If you’d like to start learning music or are looking for music lessons to help you prepare for a major audition, Sage Music has the expert faculty and the unique approach to help you. Some music schools or teachers lack that versatility and may focus only on teaching beginner students or only offer music education up to certain levels.

That isn’t the case at Sage Music.

Whether you’re just starting out on your journey with music or have years of experience and are looking to perfect your skills, Sage Music can offer you a quality education customized to your experience level and goals.

A Variety of Music Lessons for a Variety of Students

At Sage Music, everyone is welcome, no matter your age, experience, goals, or aspirations. You may have never touched an instrument in your life, or may have played the piano for 20 years. Some students at Sage Music have hopes of pursuing a career in music, while others are exploring music as a hobby. Additionally, Sage Music always works to meet the needs of students who have disabilities, who are veterans, or who would simply benefit from some extra attention.

Jason Sagebiel, founder of Sage Music, is the driving force behind this school’s innovative approach to music lesson. When Jason suffered a traumatic brain injury in the Iraq War, he experienced impaired cognitive and motor skills. Both research and therapy helped Jason to recover, and he was inspired by their effects.

As Jason transitioned into his new role as a music teacher, he developed a unique approach to teaching music, embracing what he’d learned through his own recovery. Jason developed a holistic learning experience for his students, with a teaching method that is similar to how professional athletes train their bodies and minds. Today, Jason’s ARPEGGIO teaching methodology is embraced in all of Sage Music’s lessons, and it’s changing the way that students of all ages learn music.

Today, Sage Music offers lessons in:

Additionally, Sage Music offers lessons in composition and in theory.

Our students are diverse, and you’ll have a chance to connect with students with different interests, but the same goal of learning to play music well. Some of our students are weekend rockstars, while others are retired adults looking to further their music skills. Some are even professional producers who want to learn to play the keyboard better for use in their careers.

This diversity in our students makes Sage Music a great place to be. You never know who you’ll meet in our comfortable welcoming waiting room, or who will get up to perform at one of our concerts.

Sage Music Lesson Room

How Sage Music Customizes Its Music Lessons

Our music lessons aren’t designed with our goals in mind – they’re designed to meet your goals, instead. Our goals are to help teach you how to enjoy music, and whether that means playing music with your family or preparing for an upcoming audition, we design our music lessons to help you get there.

In addition to teaching you the technical side of music, you’ll also learn important skills like how to practice and how to make the most of your time. Sage Music students learn how to use their bodies properly to help prevent fatigue and injury, as well as how to interpret music to create beautiful, memorable performances. Because we focus on all of these elements of learning and playing music, our students gain confidence and enjoy practicing and performing.

Those are all big claims, but our approach backs those claims. Our education is grounded in the science and research of the psychology of learning, and we adjust our teaching to make learning easier and more effective. By teaching you proper practice, study, and technique methods, we transform you from a student into a musician. All of our lessons are private lessons, so you’ll receive plenty of individual attention from your teacher. With lessons built around your personal goals, we’ll set you up for success – whatever that means to you.

Some of our students’ goals include preparing for New York State School Music Association or Texas Music Educators Association auditions, preparing for college auditions, or learning the skills they’ll need to join a music ensemble. Other students want to learn to play music for their own personal enjoyment, or to play an instrument that a parent once played. Whatever your goal, we can design a lesson program to help you achieve it.

We also make taking music lessons here easy. We’re open seven days a week, and with two locations in Long Island City, Queens, and in San Antonio, TX we’re easily accessible. All of our lessons are by appointment only, but with generous hours its’ easy to fit in your music lesson no matter what your work or school schedule is like. On weekdays, we’re open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, and on weekends we’re open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Sage Crew

Why Sage Music Teachers are the Best

Our music teachers are great teachers when they first come to Sage Music, and they’re highly qualified – in fact, most of them have earned master’s degrees. But, we invest time and training to make them into even better teachers. We mentor and train our faculty so that they can fully understand how musicians learn best, and our training also focuses on how the body, mind, and spirit all work in the context of music.

Additionally, all of our teachers are trained in and use our ARPEGGIO lesson system. This ensures that they teach lessons that are up to the standards established by Sage Music. Many music teachers are great musicians, but they aren’t necessarily great teachers. We focus on making sure that teachers have the skills they need to teach at all levels, so whether you’re a beginner or an advanced student, our teachers will be able to give you value and guidance. Our teachers understand how to listen to your goals, define the steps that you need to take to accomplish those goals, and structure a lesson program to help you complete those steps and attain your goals.

When teachers arrive at Sage Music, their own education isn’t over. With continuous support, mentoring, and training, our teachers continue to learn and improve. This allows them to provide you with a top-quality education and to better support your musical goals.

What to Expect from a Sage Music Education

All of these elements come together to create a quality music education that’s tailored to your needs and goals. You won’t be overwhelmed by music lessons that are above your current experience level, and you won’t be bored being stuck in group lessons with students who have less experience than you do. Instead, the education you receive during your music lessons will be constantly tailored and adjusted to your level and to your progress. As you get stronger in certain areas, your teacher will identify the next steps that you need to take to progress. Your education will be demanding, but it won’t be overwhelming.

During lessons, you may run into concepts or skills that are harder for you to master than others. Because our music teachers are highly trained not only in music but also in teaching music, they’ll be able to teach materials in different ways until they find a method of explaining a concept that makes sense to you. Our teachers can also make suggestions to help make learning music easier. For instance, if you’re struggling with a difficult passage in a piece, your teacher will be able to design a few exercises to help you develop and improve the skills that you need to navigate that passage.

Ultimately, with the unique design of our lesson program, you will learn music and achieve your goals in a manner that’s tailored to your experience and how you learn. You’ll develop a relationship with a music teacher who is personally invested in your success, and you’ll have opportunities to establish connections with other musicians and peers through concerts, social events, and more.

An education at Sage Music is more than just music lessons. It’s an all-encompassing education that not only develops you as a musician, but that also develops you as a person.

Take the Next Step in Your Music Education with Sage Music

If you would like to learn more about Sage Music, please fill out this form or call us at 718-361-2922. If you decide that music lessons are right for you, we’ll set up a consultation so that we can meet each other, and so that we can get to know a bit about your experience and your goals. Then, we’ll match you with the ideal teacher and get some lessons scheduled so you can take the next step in your musical journey.

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