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12 Items Needed for Cello Lessons and Study

June 18, 2018
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12 Items Needed for Cello Lessons and Study
The cello is a beautiful instrument, and learning to play the cello opens up the doors to many different musical opportunities. If you’d like to take cello lessons, there are a few things that you’ll need. Here’s a list of those main must-have items to help you get started.


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Items Needed for Cello Lessons

The cello is a beautiful instrument, and learning to play the cello opens up the doors to many different musical opportunities. If you’d like totake cello lessons, there are a few things that you’ll need. Here’s a list of those main must-have items to help you get started.


As a student beginning to take cello lessons, you will need a solid cello that is easy to play. You won’t need a top-of-the-line instrument just yet, and you can find a quality cello starting at around $1000.

There are less expensive cellos, but we recommend that you buy a better cello than that. Better instruments are generally easier to play, and will allow you to make better progress with less effort. We have seen many students struggle to play with inexpensive instruments that are hard to play.  They think they don’t have talent, when it’s really just a cheap instrument in the way.

If you do buy an inexpensive cello to start, keep in mind that you’ll soon need to buy a better cello to make progress in about a year. So if you are committed, you can avoid that extra cost by starting with a better instrument.

Before you go and buy your first cello, though, please talk with your music teacher. Your teacher can make recommendations about which cello is right for you, can help you to avoid an expensive purchase mistake, and may even have options to help you, such as an instrument rental program or a student who is selling their used cello.  

Sage Close Up of Cello and Bow


A quality bow is a must-have. Again, talk with your teacher about the bow that is appropriate for you. Cello bows can cost anywhere from about $70 to multiple thousands of dollars. Your teacher can help you to find an appropriate lower-cost bow to get you started.

Cello Case

A cello is a costly investment, and a quality case can help to protect it from being damaged. When buying a case, make sure to get a hard shell case, which gives your cello more protection than a softshell case or gig bag. Some cases come with wheels on the bottom for easier transport. Regardless, make sure to lift the case, and look for a lightweight case for easier portability. Some cellos can be purchased with a case, so this may not be an item that you need to worry about buying separately.


You’ll use rosin every time you play your cello, so be sure to always have some on hand. As a beginner, you can use just about any rosin, but there’s a noticeable difference in quality if you purchase an upper-level rosin. Since rosins vary only slightly in cost (from about $6 to $20) and last just about forever, it’s worth the splurge to buy a quality option. This rosin is a good one.

Sage Music Stand

Music Stand

You’ll need a music stand to hold your music in an ideal position when you practice at home, but you’ll probably also need to be able to take your stand to performances and rehearsals with you. A folding music stand is a great option because it’s easily portable. Goes without saying. I’d recommend a folding stand, for the travel option.

Endpin Anchor

Your endpin anchor will help to keep your cello’s endpin securely anchored to the floor, keeping the instrument from slipping out and away from you. Look for an endpin anchor with a strap that secures to your chair leg, as opposed to the free disc version, since these give you more control and security. They are also more consistently in their placement, making set up easier.

Cello Stand

cello stand is a convenient way to store your cello.  It keeps your cello safe from falling over, but available and accessible to play.  You’ll be much more likely to practice if you can just pick it up off the stand and play rather than having to dig it out of the closet and open the case and take it out each time.

Spare Set of Strings

When you play the cello for more than a year, then you’ll need to replace your strings. You also won’t want to waste time waiting for your replacement set to arrive, just because you broke a string, so have a spare set on hand.

Keep in mind that the quality of your strings matters. These cheaper strings are suitable for a beginner, but after you’ve spent some time playing, you’ll want to upgrade to these.


Keep a clean, soft rag in your cello case to wipe off your strings.


A Metronome

Any great music teacher will insist that you purchase a metronome. Your metronome helps you to maintain a consistent tempo, and is an essential practice tool. There are many different metronomes available, from the basic to the complex. You don’t need the most sophisticated metronome, most will do. There are also many free metronome apps for smart phones, and free metronomes online.

A Great Teacher

If you want to take cello lessons, then it’s important to find a great music school that has a great music teacher. Your music teacher can advise you on the items and supplies you need to purchase, and will help you to learn your instrument, learn how to practice, and achieve your goals.

If you would like to study the cello and take cello lessons, then there’s no better place to do that than at Sage Music. We can help you get all the right resources, and our trained faculty will help you quickly reach your musical goals. Contact us today to get started!

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