Very few people have what it takes to become a music teacher at Sage Music.  We have exceptionally high standards for our faculty as musicians, as teachers, and as business professionals. In fact, we receive several hundred music teacher job applications every year, and only hire 2-3 outstanding candidates. If you want to become one of the few exceptional music teachers we hire and train every year, and to become part of an elite team of instructors, you should apply to teach at Sage Music.

The training won’t be easy, and you will have to work harder than ever before to meet our teaching and professional standards. You must work to develop your teaching skills just as much or more than you have done to learn your instrument. But you believe in hard work, and you are ready for this challenge. You want to become part of the team of professional music teachers at Sage Music, because just any music school will not do as you hold yourself to a higher standard.

Open Music Teacher Positions

Brass Instructor

Violin Instructor

If the position you would like to apply is not listed above, apply here to be notified when a position that meets your qualifications is open.

Open Substitute Music Teacher Positions

Sage Music routinely hires regular teachers from our pool of substitute music teachers. It is highly encouraged that you apply to be a substitute teacher if you have an interest in working with us long term.

Substitute Piano Instructor

Substitiute Guitar Instructor

Substitute Strings Instructor

Substitute Woodwinds Instructor

Substitute Voice Instructor

Drums/Percussion Instructor

Substitute Early Childhood Instructor