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Learn the music you want in a way that works for you. At Sage Music, you’ll get custom private online singing lessons in a community that cares about you and your success.

More than teaching you songs, we’ll give you (or your child) the skills to sing any song. Our goal is to enable and empower you.

Lessons are with our trained, professional singing teachers using our proven Arpeggio® lesson system and personalized to your goals.

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“Elisabeth is an amazing voice teacher! She has helped me improve my voice both in terms of volume and of how clear it comes out within 3 lessons, not even kidding! By all means, if there was a higher than 5 stars rating I could give to Elisabeth and to Sage, I would!” – Panagiotis Zagaliotis, Google Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

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Sage Music Voice Teacher

The details matter

We’re not your ordinary music school

As a smart, conscious learner who is looking for the best, you’ll want to pay close attention to the details that make our program different from other schools for voice.

And we know you’ll appreciate the Sage Music® difference.

A smarter way to learn to sing online

sage : \ ˈsāj \ wise through reflection and experience

Sage Singing Teachers

Our voice teachers are highly trained in the best methods for learning and teaching music. You or your child will get the best instruction anywhere. So skip the amatuers, and learn with the pros who can properly guide you toward your goals.

Proven Methods

Our Arpeggio® lesson system – backed by learning science – will help you find your voice quickly and easily with direction in a structured and step-by-step way. Plus we’ll teach you what to do, how to learn it, and why you’re doing it.

Steady Progress

We know you’ll get the best results because our students see steady progress. So we’d never need to lock you into a contract. Yet students stay with us 3x longer than other schools. Get in touch to see why now.

Online Singing Lessons for Adults

Singing Lessons

Believe it or not 63.8% of our students are adults

Whether you want to be a professional musician or have had lifelong dreams of playing music, you’ll find yourself in good company at Sage Music.

Our students range from absolute beginners to advanced professionals looking to improve their skills and practice.

No matter what you want to learn, we’ll get you there.

“I have noticed a significant amount of growth within the past 6 months. I can now say I have more confidence and ability to perform in front of a live audience. I recommend to anyone wanting to learn and master an instrument/voice. Sage Music is the place to be” – Gabby Fontes., Google Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

Advanced Online Singing Lessons

Our students have included cast members of Saturday Night Live, Broadway performers, and producers coming to work on their vocal skills. We’ve even helped students prepare for graduate degree auditions.

That’s because we take our students as individuals, and develops plans for their unique voice.

We go above and beyond other programs by developing more advanced skills, practice habits, and learning techniques. You’ll learn more music, in a shorter amount of time, and with greater skill and security.

Intermediate Online Singing Lessons

As an advancing singer, we’ve got the skills to get your voice to the next level. We’ve worked with beginners and pros, so we know exactly how to get you from one level to the next.

Online Singing Lessons for Beginners

Don’t want to spend time working on music you don’t want to sing? No worry! We’ll work with you to help you sing the music that you want. We personalize our voice lessons for you.

Sometimes we can jump right in with what you want, but other times it takes a little prep work. But we’ll always get you there.

In fact, most of our singing students are adult beginners. So you’ll find a welcoming environment with a team that knows how to work with folks just like you.

Other Online Singing Programs

Most of our students come to us after they have tried lessons somewhere else. They tried video courses or lessons that weren’t personlized for them – YouTube,  TakeLessons or a singing lessons app. They took lessons with teachers who were not trained professionals.

And they just didn’t see the results they wanted.

They didn’t get better or ended up frustrated. They paid for videos but still had to teach themselves. They took lessons with someone who showed them what to do, but not how to do it.

And that left them unhappy. Feeling like they wasted time and money. So they looked for a better program.

The good news is that you’ve just found the #1 science backed program, guaranteed to get you results. That’s the Arpeggio® lessons system, designed right here at Sage Music®.

Online Singing Lessons for Kids

Singing Lessons for kids

Develop your child’s skills in a fun and engaging way

Just like you, we want to see your kid have fun, enjoy music, and grow into a capable, successful adult. And we also know you want a program you can trust because you are busy with so many things.

That’s what we’ve designed our Arpeggio® lesson system to do. Systems such as Suzuki, ABRSM, the Royal Conservatory simply provide a sequence of songs to play. But our system is designed to develop your child’s skills, enabling them to play any music they want. That’s real growth, and real learning.

Guaranteed results

In addition, our system provides you with detailed notes every week so you can stay in touch with your child’s development. Plus your child will have the opportunity to perform every week in our student sharing hour, in our open mics, or in our regular recitals. This gives you results that you and your child can see.

Music Match & Sharing Hour

Plus, your child can meet other students at Sage Music and practice or play music in our Music Match and Sharing Hour programs. Peer learning is an effective way for your child to grow, plus stay engaged while learning singing from home.

Music Match provides for a more focused one-one-one experience, while the Sharing Hour is about social learning experiences.

Safe Online Singing Lessons for Kids

There are some special considerations when teaching kids how to sing. Their vocal folds are not yet strong enough for some tasks.  And there are many studies showing that children have a higher risk of vocal injury.

We’ve taken great care in creating our kids voice lessons to ensure everything is done safely.

If you want to know about it, just let us know, and we’ll be happy to talk you through it.

I love Sage! My daughter Mia has attended other music schools but none as professional as Sage! The instructors are wonderful and inspire the students to learn and practice. Mia takes vocal and Ukelele classes and absolutely loves it! She has been a student at Sage for almost 3 years and will continue to take classes and participate in their wonderful recitals!” – Rosa Jacquez, Google Reviews

5 out of 5 stars

What you’ll get at Sage Music that no other music school offers

  • The Sage® Student – Our flagship course will teach you everything you need to know to learn and master any music. When you graduate, you’ll know more about learning music than teachers at other schools do.
  • The ARPEGGIO® lesson system – Quickly and easily learn the music you want in our proven music lesson system. Classes are structured, step by step, and designed to keep you on track to achieving your goals.
  • Sage® trained teachers – There is no better teacher than the Sage Music teacher. Where other schools hire performers to teach music, we hire professional teachers. Then we put them through our rigorous music teacher training, so you’ll get the most qualified teachers around.
  • Music Match – Looking to meet new people to share your passion for music? Just lest us know and we’ll connect you with other students just like you so you can practice or make music together.
  • Relationships – We want a relationship with you, not a transaction. We promise to treat you like the unique person that you are.
  • Community – We’ve got an incredible community of great people like you, in person and online. Join our online groups, concerts, recitals, open-mics and more.
  • Student Onboarding – Before starting your online singing lessons, you’ll meet with a senior member of our team to determine your goals, set your preferences, discuss your learning style, and assess your skills and experience. Together we’ll build a plan for your voice studies in your student onboarding.
  • Sage Music Meet – A dedicated private virtual lesson room that allows you to share music, video files and musical scores. You can set up multiple cameras and video feeds for the best view. And you get lesson recordings so you can always go back and review your previous lessons.

“Looking for a place to get lessons and get the added benefit of being part of a musical community? Then Sage is the best! …I’ve been blown away by the quality of my lessons, the pedagogy and the warm, friendly faculty! They have done everything to make this beginner feel like a musician and my playing has never been better! Highly recommended!”

5 out of 5 stars
– Steven Silva, Google Reviews

How it works

Get in touch with us at (833) 537-0680 to get started.


From your first phone call to your ongoing private singing lessons, we’ll get to know you. We believe in building strong relationships so we can customize everything we do to your wants, needs, and goals.

Practice and Learn

Our professional teachers, using our proven, science-backed Arpeggio® lesson system, will help you learn the music you want. Lessons are clear, step-by-step, and structured so you will you steadily progress toward your goals.

Play and Perform

Show off your newly developed singing skills by performing in our recitals, weekly open mics, or in our music match program. Perform with others, or simply enjoy your own playing.

How much do online singing lessons cost?

Since our ARPEGGIO® program has been custom built to work around the needs and goals of the individual student, pricing plans vary. We do cost more than most other schools, but we simply provide a better lesson, experience, and value. You’ll get way more than other schools.

Our pricing includes access to our online community, free enrollment in our flagship music course The Sage Student ($549 on its own), our professionally trained Sage Music teachers, and the science backed ARPEGGIO® lesson system. Plus free enrollment in our recitals, open-mics, events, Music Match program, and more.

Contact us today for our best advice about the programs and pricing that are best for you.

Are singing lessons worth it?

See what our students have to say!

Sage Music School
Based on 60 reviews
I want to take a minute and give my personal experience at Sage Music.As student its important to get the best training possible to be able to get all tools needed in order to achive each goal. I'm in singing class and I want to thank Elisabeth Shoup for being such a GREAT teacher. Her level of professionalism goes above and beyond. As many of you know the world's going to a crisis right now with this Pandemic that forced all schools and many other businesses to close but Sage Music continued with its online class and I enjoyed it a lot I didn't have any difficulties and it went as great as if it was in person. Thank youu
Elisabeth is an amazing voice teacher! She has helped me improve my voice both in terms of volume and of how clear it comes out within 3 lessons, not even kidding!She is great at helping you visualize how your voice should come out and be positioned correctly.By all means, if there was a higher than 5 stars rating I could give to Elisabeth and to Sage, I would!
I love Sage! My daughter Mia has attended other music schools but none as professional as Sage! The instructors are wonderful and inspire the students to learn and practice. Mia takes vocal and Ukelele classes and absolutely loves it! She has been a student at Sage for almost 3 years and will continue to take classes and participate in their wonderful recitals!
In the amount of time that I have been a voice student at Sage Music, I have noticed a significant amount of growth within the past 6 months. My teacher Olivia Smith is an incredible voice instructor & I can now say I have more confidence and ability to perform in front of a live audience. I recommend to anyone wanting to learn and master an instrument/voice. Sage Music is the place to be!
I am in singing class and it is a great opportunity to express myself. I love doing studio classes and I really hope we do them with duets!!!
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Private Online Singing Lessons

  • We believe that private singing lessons offer you the best chance for success. The individual attention that you will receive in private study is far more valuable than the limited attention that you will receive in a group lesson.
  • Even though group classes might seem more affordable, a group teacher is simply unavailable to give you the focused attention you need and will receive from private voice lessons.
  • Group lessons do provide some benefits, such as camaraderie and the chance to meet other like-minded students. But we want you to have those with your private lessons, too! So we are happy to offer you admission to our concerts, recitals, events, workshops and more.

Popular Online Singing Lessons

While many singing schools promote classical music, we focus on your goals. Popular music is great because it speaks to our time. Not some other time in some other place.

We are happy to work with you on the music that you want to learn.

If you want to play the music of today, you’ll learn a solid singing technique just like our classical students. But we’ll apply your singing skills to the music that you want to play.

Popular singing lessons

Classical Online Voice Lessons

Many of our students are interested in learning the music of the past masters of vocal music like Mozart, Verdi, Schumann and more. This music requires a high level of focus, precision, and skill.

Our faculty, with master’s degrees in singing performance, have performed this music all over the world and gained the experience necessary to help you develop the skills you need to making meaningful and masterful performances of this great repertoire.

Many of our students learn this music for fun, while others are preparing for Master’s Degree, College, or competitions like ABRSM, and the Royal Conservatory. Whatever your goals, we are happy to help you flourish as a classical singer.

Classical Voice Lessons at Sage Music

Jazz Online Singing Lessons

America’s classical music is jazz. And singing has a central role in it. Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Louis Armstrong and many greats have followed.  Whether you want to sing standards or scat, we can help you. Learn proper technique. Read jazz standards. And learn to improvise.

Learning jazz singing requires skills that other types of singing don’t. These are improvising, ear training, and often playing many songs from memory.

Our singing teachers are trained in these skills to they can pass them on to you.

Jazz voice lessons at Sage Music

Styles you can sing

Our goal is to give you the skills to sing any music that you want. We won’t hold you to a particular style, so you get to be you! Let us know what styles of singing you want to play!

Classical · Rock · Folk · Pop · Jazz · Blues · Country · Gospel · Compose your own music on singing · Or invent your own style

What are Online Singing Lessons Like?

We’ve had students who fly from Washington, Texas, and Florida to take lessons at our award winning school. But we realize that not everyone can get to us. So we now offer voice lessons online for those students who are far away and won’t settle for less than a Sage Music education.

Online singing lessons are new to many students, so they wonder what they are like.  You might be surprised to learn that they are not so different from in person lessons.

Our singing lessons are taught with the same care and attention to detail as our in person lessons at our award winning music school. And they are taught by the same professional, trained, and supervised teachers.

Our teachers also use our unique and progressive ARPEGGIO® lesson system.

This guarantees that you get consistent, high-quality singing lessons online and excellent customer service.

How online singing lessons work

We offer our online lessons through or our own platform, Sage Music Meet.

Plus we’ve got a special online class to teach you how to get the most from your online lessons.

It’s simple.

You’ll get a link in your email. Click the link on a video enabled device.

That’s it, you are in! Your teacher will be there at your scheduled time. And will guide you through everything you need to do from there.

Where are online singing lessons offered?

We know that there are so many great cities that don’t have many options for music teachers and schools. And we want to be able to help.

Unlike other online music programs, Sage Music is a real school, with school locations in Texas and New York.  We’ve had students regularly fly from as far away as Washington State, Florida, and Texas all to take lessons our our NYC school.

But we know that isn’t possible for everyone to do. So we are proud to offer music lessons anywhere in the world with our teachers online.

Here are just a few of the cities where we have voice students online.

New York City, NY | San Antonio, TX | Houston, TX | Dallas, TX | Philadelphia, PA | Washington, DC | Boston, MA |