While most Americans paid little attention, I watched the live streaming broadcast of the Presidential Debate for Third Party Candidates hosted by Ralph Nader.  Sadly, only only 300 to 700 viewers logged in to watch the live broadcast, largely because the major did not cover this presidential debate. I find it rather unfortunate that the major media outlets did not cover this debate. This presidential debate is an extremely important part of our political process.

Gary Johnson (Libertarian), Jill Stein (Green Party), Virgil Goode (Constitution Party), and Bucky Anderson (Justice Party) were the participants. Unlike the debates between Obama and Romney, these presidential candidates were, well, presidential. They were respectful of one another, they did not talk over one another, and they actually debated difficult issues and presented clear answers to the questions given to them.

I believe in the study of art and music for many reason, one being that it teaches people to think critically and find real solutions to new problems. This quality of thinking is something I try to instill in all of my students.  I am happy to see that these candidates are in the same way thinking critically about the problems that face us today and presenting real answers without trying to sugarcoat the issues.  Despite having found different approaches for solving our problems, these candidates generally agree on the big issues facing our nation and that these issues need to be solved pragmatically and as a matter of principle.  You can watch it below or at ustream.com

Watch the presidential debate of November 4th, 2012

Watch the presidential debate of October 23rd, 2012

You may also be interested in viewing their previous debate hosted by Free and Equal Elections Foundation and moderated by Larry King.