We invite you to join the Sage Music family with a special offer.

Dear Music Students of Queens, NY,

As most of you are aware by now, there have been some concerning events in our Long Island City neighborhood over the last week — namely the sudden closure of another LIC music school. We’ve heard that many students have lost their teachers, their musical home, and the weekly music lessons that students purchased in advance. Teachers have lost their livelihoods and income; with some teachers even going unpaid for many weeks.

We feel for all those unjustly impacted.

As such, we want to right this situation as best we can.  Sage Music has the resources to help you get back on your musical journey quickly and safely.  Our business is healthy and solvent.  Our school doors are open.  We are organized, professional, and efficient. We are properly insured, have an excellent accounting firm, a PR team, great legal counsel, and a succession plan for day-to-day management.  Our instructors have all completed thorough background checks, completed our training programs, and are supervised in their work to ensure the highest quality musical education is provided to each and every student who places their trust in us.  

If you have been impacted by recent events, we want to build a new musical relationship with you. Sage Music is offering any student who has not received lessons that were paid for in advance at the school which closed, a discount equal to the amount of money they were owed. We are offering this because we know that many folks stretch budgets to make musical education a priority.  You have already invested your time and resources into learning music, and we don’t want to see that effort wasted. While Sage Music cannot absorb all of this cost up front, we will offer a discount on our services to be paid over a series of months, as our finances allow. More details to be shared upon contacting us

Who is Sage Music?  We are a Long Island City based music school, on the 4th floor of the LIC Arts Center, that offers private lessons and classes to students of all ages. We transform students into musicians by giving them a smarter way to learn. We’ve been recognized by the community for our accomplishments,  hard work and dedication to our neighborhood. Proud to say that we’ve been voted the best art school in Queens by borough residents, and honored by the U.S. Small Business Administration for excellence, among many other awards. Learn more about Sage Music

Thanks to the dedication of teachers and staff, the community recognized us with perfect 5.0 star ratings on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more. We are also the production team behind LIC Concerts music series which you may have seen on the waterfront at the Gantry Plaza State Park every summer for the last six years.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our community of amazing students, teachers, and staff who share the same passion for music and learning as you.




Jason E. Sagebiel
Founder, Sage Music